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not feeling pregnant

hello im 9+3 weeks pregnant with my first, and i really dont feel pregnant anymore my sickness has stopped and i dont feel tired anymore, my boobs are not sore anymore either.

should i be worried? xx


  • hi laura ,im the same but 12wks ,wierd i know ,ive got another scan on thurs but wooried sick something is wrong as had mc earlier this year,just hoping lightening doesnt strike twice . if your worried speak to mw.good luck xx
  • id say its prob just ur hormones settlin down but if ur worried see midwife or doc image
  • Hi Laura
    I had that at 6 weeks followed by cramping and bleeding - cue desperate trips to hospital and lots of crying convinced I was having a m/c but I'm now 25 weeks. Try not to get worked up as I did as you cannot realy on ANY feeling or information everyone is different and it doesn't necessarily mean the worst. The best money I have spent is on my doppler as it has really put my mind at rest but the minimum is 10 weeks. Speak to your midwife or if you are really worried get straight to casualty who will refer you to your early pregnancy unit for a scan. Or you can pay for an early dating scan - usually under ??100 to put your mind at rest. Good luck hun, hope everything works out for you.
    Laura xxx
  • My symptoms faded also in about week 9. Then came back with a vengence a couple of weeks later. Now im 15ish weeks and all early symptoms have gone, just starting with back ache and cravings (cranberry sauce, yummy!) now.

    Our hormones are all over the place so no one can say whats normal and whats not, its completely up to your body how it reacts to pregnancy. Just let it do things its own way and try to relax and enjoy it.

    I'm sure when you've had your first scan things will feel more real too, at first i kept thinking there would be nothing there. But its once you see your lo, you know its real and can stop focussing as much on the symptoms to show you.

    enjoy your xmas hun x
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