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Just wondering how many of you have completely stopped drinking - or if any of you are still having a glass or two..??


  • Hi,

    I have gone off drinking. The smell of it makes me ill. I have found a reall nice alchol free rose wine in tesco. It tastes really fruity. Its really nice.

    Kerry xxx
  • I'm the same can't even face the smell of alcohol. A glass or two won't do you any harm though. Appletise has been my saviour to get me throught the festive season, but mostly all I can take is cold water. xx
  • Ive more or less stopped altogether. I say more or less as i had a half a champagne glass of bubbly a few months back but didnt quite finish it and have had a few sips of hubbys beer now and again but thats it.

    I was going to treat myself at Christmas (on Christmas Day and NYE) but never did on Christmas Day as i was full of food and then on NYE went out for a meal with the in-laws and i ordered a small glass of white wine and when it arrived, i took one look at it and thought 'i really dont want this'. So i had three small sips and FIL downed it in one for me!!

    I was sat there siping this wine and at the same time i could feel my baby kicking and i just thought why am i drinking this - i;m not even enjoying the taste! So i stuck to sparkling water all night.

    Everyones different i suppose - my sister had the odd glass or two of wine during her pregnancy and it didnt bother her and she has had 3 healthy boys.

  • I have also stopped drinking. Not sure why. My friend was saying you know it cant harm the baby although my mum seems to think that it can. And that the baby will also take in some of that alcohol. Not sure but she says I shouldnt. Not sure if it's something they did in the passed.

    I stopped smoking as well. I think taking care of your baby should be your first priority. This one is special to me cause it is the first after years and tears and pain and trying. I wouldnt do anything to hurt him/her.
  • Alcohol can pass through the placenta to the baby thats why when i got my glass of wine at NYE, i couldnt physically drink it as i just thought what will this do to my baby. I know teh odd drink wont hurt but i just couldnt do it in the end. A few sips is all i could take - there is no way i could have drunk a whole glass of wine.
  • Hi,
    I've had the odd glass with soda or made a glass last over a long time every week or so but often haven't fancied it. I've not gone too overboard with giving up too much stuff, just being sensible. Your body does process a lot of what you take in before its gets to the baby.
  • Hi, I have had the odd glass of wine during this pregnancy and i had one drink on Christmas day but that is it. I don't think that on every now and again but it is entirely a personal choice.
  • I stopped in the 1st trimester coz that's the worst time to drink, and I'm stopping completely now. At about weeks 15-20 I was having a drink once a week (a small glass mind u) but then I thought well I wouldn't put a drink in my babys bottle so I'm going to stop. I don't think the odd drink matters though! x
  • I have stopped drinking, but must admit I had 3 small glasses of Asti on xmas day. Really didn't think I would like it as the thought of alcohol makes me sick but it really did go down a treat!!!

    To me it isn't xmas unless I've had Asti and think the baby agreed!!! x x x
  • I stopped completely last time round, this time I have had the odd glass of wine here and there, including some very nice Bucks Fizz on christmas day. Most of the time I just don't fancy it although I am drinking a lot of alcohol free Cobra which is lovely!
  • I haven't drank a drop of alcohol since I found I was pregnant to be completely honest it never even dawned on me that there might be a choice involved? I just thought Oh i'm pregnant... I can't eat runny eggs, unpasterised dairy products, cured meats, patte's, liver, shell fish, and no alcohol.

  • I just haven't fancied any at all so its been no hardship to give it up. My mum couldn't quite her head round the fact that I'm not not drinking at all even over Christmas which irritated me quite alot but i just think its best for the baby anyway. Loving appletiser and white schloer in place of wine, also found an orange fizzy schloer that tastes like bucks fizz and isn't too sickly sweet, unlike lemonade and coke.
  • I had quite a bit new years eve but other than that I haven't drunk at all.
    My birthday is this month and I will be having a blow out then but that is it.

    When I had my son I didn't find out I was pregnant till I was 10 weeks gone and I had been out every Thursday, friday and Saturday pissed out of my face and he was fine. No problems and was 6lb 12oz.
  • I'm still having the odd glass of wine (usually half soda). I think its a personal decision. Having read all the various advice given there's nothing that convinces me that the occasional glass would cause any harm. That said, I can understand why people choose to abstain completely.

    I have to say I'd feel pretty irresponsible if I had more than the occasional one though.
  • Hi, I found that since the morning sickness, I have not wanted to have a drink, even though I was told a glass of red over new year would be OK!!
    I dont think it hurts to have 1, but I think it's down to each individuals choice!!:\)
  • I am the only one that now really fancies a drink after all this talk about not drinking? :lol::lol:
  • ASDA do a lovely non-alco sparkling white wine called Sparkling Muscat (or something like that) and its only a couple of quid. Its the nicest non-alcoholic wine ive tasted - all the others just taste like sickly sweet fruit juice to me. that an alco-free becks are a godsend.

  • i have odd glass wine or half amstel light now and then with a meal. Don't smoke or drink more than that though as think the very least we can do is look after them beofre they born. if we cant do it now then what chance do we have when they born. I also bf till they at least 6 months so can't drink much then either. Grrrrrrr to be honest it does not bother me as the thought of a hangover with little ones is a killer.

    My friend on the other hand smokes heavily and drinks heavily. I try to advise her but its really not my business. She has about 6 glasses of wine 3 to 4 times a week and 20 cigs a day. i am really really worried about her but what can i do???? she has 2 healthy kids but there is always a first time. I worry all the time about her.
    d x
  • I havent touched a drop since i found out i was pregnant, as i knew if i had one id want another and it would only make me feel worse! Although im always worrying about the time before i knew i was pregnant as i did drink quite heavily for the 4 weeks i didnt know! xx

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