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Bounty pack

I've seen mention on here before and my sister asked me if I'd got mine yet, so can anyone tell me what a bounty pack is and where I get it from? Would hate to think I was missing out on something important. xx


  • It's not really important but it's a pack with some free samples, leaflets and coupons in it. You just fill in a form and take it to boots or asda to pick up the free pack and then you get more stuff when you're in hospital after having your baby. Think I got the form in with my stuff the midwife gave me at my booking appointment. x
  • yea usualy when they give you your antenatal / labour note book they put it in a bounty white folder to carry it. there are usually some leaflets in there and one is for the bounty pack. you can download the form btw incase you didnt get it from:

    just print it off and go asda or boots. put seriously even if you dont bother you aint missing much, i got some washing mashine sample tablet for sensitive skin by fairy, a nappy, mini pac of rasins, lots of junk leaflets and a white persil bib.

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  • hi

    in the booklet contained in my bag there was a voucher to go and get another bag from asda or boots, but if you redeem it at boots you get a ??5 george/baby products voucher.
    other than that, it's nothing to panic about, just a load of leaflets really.
  • Thanks girls, especially for the link as I def don't have a voucher anywhere. x
  • is the free nappy bin good i wasnt sure id need one so it might be worth saving it till latr then !!!
  • hi with my first (which was 3 years ago) i got given the bounty pack in hospital after the birth, with free samples of nappies, wipes and vouchers etc...maybe things have changed now?
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