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hi all
frist just wanted to get this off my chest
thanks for all your help with my last post im still feeling dizzy and fant i phoned midwife and she said to go see doc so i did hes has check eveything and he says its becouse of the baby is big and phushing down on my bits inside so got this till the end i ghess im only 26+5 weeks
then this afternoon i had acall from my brother my nan has dide i cant cope anymore i dont know what to do
dont feel i can drive to london (im in wales)
just dont know how to feel or cope
sorry about the spelling thanks for reading :\?


  • If you don't feel up to it then don't go Honey, your baby needs you to be well. Your family will understand and I'm sure your nan would've too. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Try to get a good nights sleep then maybe call your brother back in the morning.
    Take care, Denise xxx
  • god babe you have really had it hard. you shoudlnt go if you dont feel well.
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