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Confused about Due Date

I went for my scan on the 4th Febuary, I didnt realise until after that they never gave me a due date-so I worked it out myself as being the 29th July. However yesterday I went to the midwives, my usual one wasnt there, but the one I had didnt have much equipment at all, she'd been put in a differnt room as the midwifes room was being deep cleaned-so she only had whatever she brought with her. Anyway, she worked my due date out as being the 5th August.

Im confused now, because that would mean they count 41 weeks and not 40 weels.

I was 14 weeks and 6 days when I had the scan on the 4th July :\?


  • i had a discreopancy too
    they (the docs) worked it on the last time i bled which wasin sept and it turned out that i was right and was a week before them... according to the scan anyway lol which made me laugh as i told them i'd had a miscarraige in Jan and thought the bleed i had in Sept was similar to that and they still thought of it as an AF this annoyed me.... i'd miscarried the twin and they ignored the scan dates when i told the sonographer she explained if the diference is more than 2 weeks the doc goes by the scan if its less they go by their own dates Darned annoying i say... otherwise according to doc i'm 21+4 where as I KNOW i'm 22+4 lol i'm due on the 20th although have a feeling it will be an early show in one way or another! lol don't get confused by the dates go with your scan as they are more accurate! good luck chick!
  • Thanks, its just really getting on my nerves to be honest. Im trying to work out in my head whens best to be leaving on maternity-I know I have ages to sort that out but I just thought Id know from my first scan...I had it quite late on and compared to my sisters scans it looks more like her second then her first, yet she was told her dates and they matched perfectly and just stayed the same...
    I think 5th August will be better anyway, work wise, but im still positive im more right then the midwife...but thats probably me being stubborn
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