Are we all selfish?

i think this is prob antenatal blues but suddenly feel that i am really selfish brining another child into this world. Everywhere i look their are horrors, terrorism, knife crime, children running away and committing suicide because of school bullys. I want this child but am i right to inflict such horrors on somthing so innocent. I look at my boys and I worry about their future, I will do all I can to teach them and protect them but can it ever be enough. I know to reproduce is an animal instinct inside us but it feels like a very selfish one xxDBxx


  • I know exactly how you feel, im the same I sit there and think about all the crap going on in the world and all the dangers and I worry about someone hurting them or running off with them! but I suppose its something we just can't control and we have to just protect our own the best we can hun. I must say im crapping myself though lol but oh well....

  • i do think that at times too,its a cruel world isnt it xx
  • Ive thought about this a few times actually! I havnt come up with any answers, but i think for people to be worrying about it this much, to the point of not wanting to bring children into the world because of it, i think world leaders should take a step back and look at whats going on, something serious needs to be done. x
  • Trying to put a more positive spinon things- If more people like us have children maybe the good guys will out number the bad to a higher proportion and the world will improve. Enjoy your pregnancies ladies!
    Denise xxx
  • ...and I thought my wife worried about pointless things! There aint nothing you can do about it so why worry. Just do the best you can with the situations that present themselves.
  • I think it's a natural compulsion for humans to procreate for survival i.e. go back millions of years etc. I worry also about drugs, crime etc when lo is older though.
  • some random man at the bus stop asked me what the hell I thought I was doing, bringing life into this world and I am obviously not going to be a good mother! Needless to say I ignored him. It is a cruel world, but we cant just not have children, all we can do is protect our children from the threats todays world poses and be the best parents we can. But I agree with you, the world can be a very warped place sometimes and we have to be aware of the dangers.
  • Yes, I've had these thoughts as well, but I just resolve it in my own mind by thinking that I'm bringing up well behaved, useful members of society that will counter balance the eejits out there!

  • I used to have the attitude that it was a bad thing to bring children into the world because of all the problems, and also because of the environmental impact of overpopulation. BUT I have since come to the conclusion that if everybody who cared about those kind of things stopped having children, the world would get worse and worse within a couple of generations. Like Denise said, at least we care enough to think about these things! I'm all for being positive- there's so many wonderful things in the world, I can't wait to share them with my little girl.
    (Eeek, just read that back and it's a bit sermon-ish- sorry!!)
  • i just left a reply on a post about a women who nearly got abducted and i said in that about being worried and feeling guilty to be bringing kids into a world that is almost certainly going to carry on getting worse. - but i suppose u just have to stay positive and as poz said they world is full of lovely things too!!!

    elaine xx

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