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What would you do? Fun in the swimming pool went wrong.

Here is my situation....yesterday we invited the neighbours over for a swim. My kids are 15, 8, 6. Their kids 7,9. All was going well, kids were all playing around. my 15 year old was standing at the edge of the shallow end tossing little ones into the deep end. (kids wanted him to do this). I noticed and immediately told him to stop as I didn’t want any injuries. 5 mins later the other dad starts throwing little kids into the pool from the pool deck. Again kids all were loving it and got excited and then tried to push him in. Well of course my 8 yr old caught him off guard and in he went...with cell phone in pocket. He was beyond pissed. He was overreacting in my opinion, swearing and called my little guy a fu$&ing idiot before storming off home. So now I’m I offer to pay for the phone? The cost of the phone is not an issue but I’m angry too with his reaction. It has really upset my son who has never been spoken to like this to the point where he is calling himself no good. It’s awful. The father shouldn’t have been horsing around on the pool deck either especially after I just told my oldest to stop but I’m torn on what to do....


  • Absolutely I would not offer to pay for his phone... he should’ve been setting an example and not doing that if he didn’t want to end up in there himself! If he didn’t want things to end badly then he shouldn’t have been behaving that way himself and rileing the kids up. & he absolutely should not have spoken to your son like that!. 

  • I agree with poster above - he's the fool for having his phone in his pocket, and his reaction was way over the top and out of order. Tell him to pop his phone in a bag or rice overnight and that should fix it. You should not replace it. 

  • I would ask him to apologize to you for talking like that in front of the children.

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