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Is this positive??

Please help!! Is this positive...image


  • Looks like mine but a bit darker... I'd definitely say yes it's a BFP. Can u give me your opinion on mine? I'd be very grateful thanks!


  • Both positive I would say! Xx

  • YAAYYYY!!! image

  • Thanks hun that is the FIRST thing on my list to call docs in the morning - I'll keep you updated :)

    BABY BOT - CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK HUN! Check with your doctor let me know how u get on x

  • Absolutely :) my husband says.."it's too light...wait for a couple of days before you go telling everyone" 

    It's our first and I'm excited!!! 

  • Lol I don't think it's too light I think it's definitely positive :)

    I saw a video YouTube a guy said the same thing to his girl when she showed him the test, next clip they show them in the hospital having their scan! :D

    It's our first too but even if I am pregnant I'm not going to tell anyone just yet, I had a miscarriage about 3 years ago - test was same light line like my one now but I WAS pregnant and since I've been getting nothing the last 3 years I'm assuming this test result is a BFP - can't wait to get it confirmed tho! :)

    I think you should def call doctors tomorrow get it confirmed! I'm gonna do the same so let me know hun I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both ;) 

  • Aww..I hope it's a positive for you too...let me know what happenes tomorrow...I'll tell you what happens with my test tomorrow. 

    All the best hun xx

  • Thanks hun you too x

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