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TTC first baby - getting a little obsessed!



  • Hi Loulou! That's the other thing isn't it, from coming off the pill, my body feels so different already, so the TWW should be interesting! You're husband sounds like a great support! Good luck this month! :)

  • I know what you mean, I was getting really angry all the time on the pill, but now I've chilled out a lot!! Hubby wants a baby just as much as me tbh, everywhere we go we have a baby radar! Haha

    Sending baby dust for this month!! 

  • Hi, 

    I'm new to the page - it's taken me quite a lot to sign up to one of these groups. I'm in my second cycle of trying - 30 years old, husband is 42. I think i'm just about to get my period, i've had spotting today and it's due on Sunday so with all the positive thoughts and research on the internet hoping that it's implantation bleeding, i don't think it is and i'm prepared that it's not worked this round too. Feeling really down and upset about it, i guess there is worry that it won't happen at all. Both of these cycles i've felt devastated when i've realised i'm not pregnant and i'm wondering how i will continue on month after month if it takes up to a year (which i know is normal). 

    My Husband tries to be helpful but he doesn't think about it like i do, and i know that i'm definitely more obsessed with getting pregnant as quickly as possible, i guess he's more chilled about it. Very much 'it'll happen when it happens' attitude. 

    I'm just finding it so difficult with how long the process takes each month, you have your period, you wait for the perfect window, you have sex as often as you can, then you have to wait for a few weeks to be left knocked for six because it's negative. I didn't think it would be this mentally upsetting/draining/rollercoaster. 

    This month i tried ovulation kits as well, we were on holiday and i didn't ever get a full positive, i had no line, no line, no line, then a line but still lighter than the test and then back going fainter again, which i got upset about because i'm now unsure whether there is a problem. I have a blood tests booked to be checked starting with one next week.

    I also tried to measure my temp but found that difficult to get correct/accurate, i wake up too often through the night. I'm using 4 different apps which all tell me different O dates which i find infuriating, try to be good and add in all the data and then it changes them all. For instance last month one of my apps changed my O date half way through the fertility window to a date i had input a negative O test. I just find the whole thing bloody confusing. My doctor has said it's all normal and just to have sex between day 10-16 but i guess it's hard to do that when the apps say earlier or later. 

    Anyway - Bad day today, sorry to go on, i guess i'm just trying to find some where to get some comfort and stress out because i have told only my Mum and 1 friend we're trying, they both just say things will be fine. My mate has 2 kids, both of which were very quick conceptions so i don't think she really understands the stress. At the moment i'm feeling a bit bottled up.


  • Hey Nelly!

    It's such a horrible experience all the waiting and the what ifs. Every month before now we ignored everything but the minute we decide to TTC everything our body does is under constant scrutiny. Our bodies are very complex! 

    I am TTC my first too so no idea what to be looking out for, trying to stay relaxed but I just can't help but Google!! Always here if you want to vent to, the hubby's just don't get it all and definitely don't want to talk about CM! Haha

    Big hugs hun! X

  • Yeah it really is hard, last month was harder i think - i really thought i was pregnant because i felt like i was getting loads of symptoms, and then i tested a few days early and got the negative result i felt devastated. This month i didn't feel many symptoms apart from what i thought was a bit of sickness in the morning but i think now it's probably actually my conception vitamins on an empty stomach causing it, and maybe the heat. 

    I think if i knew it was definitely going to happen or definitely possible i would chill out a bit, like if it were my 2nd maybe i'd feel a bit more relaxed but i'm very paranoid that we're going to find out there are issues, silly really as we haven't even been properly trying for that long at all. It's just hard to accept that it can take this long i guess. 

    I really thought we might have got it this month, despite not getting a positive O on the tests we had sex every day in the fertile window, which matched with my CF too so i felt like we were bang on with the timing. 

    It's so frustrating, that when you are trying and getting upset at the fact it hasn't worked another month, you also seem to see loads of other people who are pregnant, friends, random people in shops, celebrities etc, it seems everyone can get pregnant but you. Lol. Defo feeling hard done by today, but in a few days when it has sunk in i guess i'll pick myself up and get motivated to try again. 

    Thanks for the offer of the rant, i honestly didn't think i would sign up to a page like this, as i thought it might make me more obsessed than i am already but actually it's nice to be able to talk openly about worries, frustrations, and general bits to others going through the same thing. Thank you. 


  • Hi all

    I got pregnant on our first try back in april just gone, but unfortunately we lost the baby at the end of JunE when I was 9 and a half weeks. 

    Fast forward 4 weeks and I’ve just come off my first period. I know I will Be ovulating in around a weeks time, does anyone know of any people who have been lucky enough to catch so quickly twice in a row?? I am so gutted we lost our baby and just really want to be pregnant again but I’m worried now it might take a while xx

  • Hi brooke I had 2 friends that miscarried last year both about the same time (march) one got caught again August and has had a healthy boy in april the other got caught October and had a healthy girl in June,  

    hi nelly seems like we are having the same thoughts, all of my friends have had babies one of them just gave birth yesterday I met baby last night I'm so happy An excited for her but jelous too I just wish it was me x

  • Hi ladies - I've never signed up to a forum until now but I had to write a comment! My hubby and I have been ttc for 2 months now (not long, I know) but I am currently in the tww and I am going INSANE!!! Help! My ovulation tracker said I ovulated on Sunday 29/07 but today (31/07) I had terrible ovulation pains?! Nevertheless, we had sex Friday, twice Saturday and twice Sunday so I am sure there are plenty of swimmers in there right?!?!?! HELP!!!!! xxxx

  • Hi ladies

    new to the forum thing, but thought I’d sign up to get some advice!

    I’ve been on the pill, diannette, for about 10 years straight, starting it when I was a teenager for bad acne. I’m now almost 26 and have just come off it at the end of June as my hubbie and I are now keen to start a family.

    Finished my pill end of June and had the usual withdrawal bleed as I usually would. Now a month on I’ve not had any signs of ovulating and no natural period. Because I went on the pill so young I dont really remember much about my periods, but they were regular enough. Just wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences, how long it took everyone to start ovulating and getting regular periods again? Worried that being on the pill so long will have affected my fertility so just looking any reasurance 🙈 thanks in advance! x 

  • Have to say, one thing i did do which i'm not sure many people think of is i went to my Doctors to discuss my situation, calm some of my concerns, get advise on what can help it etc. She was an avid believer in getting rid of all the ovulation tests, measuring temps etc and just concentrating on having good sex on days 10 through 16. My cycle is very regular and i don't have any other health concerns that were raised so obviously that is based on my information but maybe if your concerned etc seeing your doctor could help? It was difficult for me to go to the doctor as i don't want to waste their time but i do think the internet is full of different information and you can easily get overcome with information which makes it confusing. I have 4 apps and they all tell me my 'fertile window' is slightly different, which can really make you doubt whether you are doing the right thing and cause stress - Maybe just a thought? x

  • Hi Cass18, I agree with Nelly9 - going to the doctors would be the best thing to do. I went off the pill in March after being on it for 12 years (I started my period when I was 11/12 and they were very irregular) and I am now 24. Due to having irregular periods at the start and also from NEVER ovulating due to being on the pill, I was very worried my body wouldn't go through a normal cycle. My update is - I also had my usual bleed and then straight away, I was a 28 day cycle, I had terribly painful ovulation pain (which I rarely get now), I am extremely tired, weight stayed the same, I have more pimples and I get extra sore nipples after ovulation. My friend however, came off the pill and put on a load of weight and didn't get her period for 7 months! Moral of the story, everyone is so different. If you don't get your period in another 2 weeks, I'd be going to the doctors. Keep us posted! x

  • Also - bear in mind... "normal" is different for everyone! What happened to me is "normal" for me, what happened for my friend is "normal" for her so what is happening to you is most likely "normal" for you too. Don't worry too much x

  • Hi Ladies! I also have the concern that maybe ovulation didn't happen this month because it is my first month off BCP. But we did as if I did and BD'd around my app O prediction. In general I feel very good, no weird symptoms, some little cramps that come and go (mainly on the lower right side), have been feeling (maybe) more tired than usual, have some CM, not interested in drinking wine. I am on CD23 and expect AF in 6 days, so 9 dpo. I know now from this forum and google that implantation doesn't happen until later so I would not be feeling any symptoms earlier than 10dpo. 

  • My husband and I just started in July TTC on honeymoon. 31 years old, and I am nervous/kind of obsessed with finding out when or if I am pregnant....I don't mention much to my husband about my nerves because he got super stressed and couldn't perform when he knew I was ovulating. Plus I don't know the difference between pregnancy and AF symptoms. So I am frustrated because I am over weight and am afraid I wknwo get pregnant due to that. Any advie would be great. Trying OPK's but IDK if that's making me more stressed out

  • Danni I got like light stomach cramps on one side, ovulation was more clearer and stretchy but for me I did bd from around day 10 to day 17 every other day at times. It only takes once which happened in the end. I’m big but relax it can happen

  • Can implantation bleeding start off pink?

  • I'm only 9dpo but impatient and did a yest, wanted to know if anyone could see bfn or bfp?! Thanksimageimage

  • Sorry to disappoint but it looks like a bfn exactly the same as what I'm getting 😫 keep trying and good luck xx

  • I haven't read all the comments on here but thought I could offer my two cents of what I believe helped us conceive our daughter after 12 months (we're currently trying for number 2). That 12th month was the only month I took 1000mg of Agnus Castus daily from cycle day 1 until ovulation day, it is supposed to increase your fertile cervical mucus and increase your luteal phase to give a fertilised egg more time to implant. I tested with an internet cheapie on the evening of the day of my missed period, and it was a huuuge BFP. Typical it was the only month I didn't do any early testing because the disappointment was too much every month. We are only in our first month ttc this time and if we haven't conceived I'll be taking Agnus Castus again! Good luck to all of us eh, it only takes once xxx

  • I understand the obsession, we started off NTNP, decided to really start trying after 6 months, tracking and supplements. I check my charts multiple times throughout the day, wake up thinking about making babies and go to bed with the same thoughts. Having a hard time talking to my friends about all of this. Good to know I'm not alone. 

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