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6 dpo - Anyone having symptoms? Xx

Hi ladies,

im 6dpo and wondering if anyone is in a similar situation to share the journey and wondered if anyone had symptoms  this stage? 

I feel like I am however not sure if just symptom spotting 😂😣 hope not! 

Baby dust to all reading xxx



  • I did :) both times had cold like symptoms & a bit of pain

  • Hi Magda, you have just renewed my hope!! I’ve been a bit sneezy, tired and cramping on right side pelvis, that has gone now though. Boobs larger than normal also however I was thinking whoahh this is way too early so must be signs of AF! 

    Everywhere I google or look it says you shouldn’t have symptoms that early. 

    are you currently TTC? Xx

  • I'm  6 weeks pregnant  :)

    First time I was pregnant I had similar symptoms! I really had these and when I've seen BFP it all made sense :) fingers crossed it will happen for you :)

  • I’m 9dpo today no symptoms yet. I was pregnant back in april and didnt have any then other than sore boobs. I think that was after I found out tho.

    this 2 week wait is painful isn’t it!!’ Xx

  • aww Congratulations Magda, amazing news! Trying for our first so not sure what to expect, had a chemical in January but literally no symptoms whatsoever I only knew because period was v. late & tested. Took a while off trying because of this. 

    Oh I really hope so also, I’m trying not to get too excited. ☺️

    Congrats again and wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy xx

  • Also waiting for our first :) I didn't test positive until 6 days after AF but I  used cheap internet tests

    I had a miscarriage in January 

  • So painful Brookes! Yes when I had chemical in Jan I had no Symptoms also. So makes me wonder if I’m manifesting these symptoms I have now.... over analysing when I get wind 😂 

    us ladies have to go through a lot don’t we... my husband really doesn’t have a clue about Cycles etc, I see his eyes glaze over every time I mention. I think he’s hoping it’s a BFP so I stop talking to him about ovulation 😂😂wishing you lots of luck Brookes xx when you planning to test? 

  • I was there :D after few months of trying my husband had enough too :P 

    I wish you both sticky beans and I really do believe in very early symptoms as I really had them :) 

  • Oh Magda you really have given me some faith & hope for this cycle! I’ll keep you posted and thanks so much for the well wishes. Fingers crossed! I have to fly on 22nd and I really hope this doesn’t affect anything 😒 I’m terrified it will, as it was similar circumstanc when had the chemical. All google answers say it doesn’t have any affect. It’s right when my AF is due also. Xx

  • Hiya

    I think i need a bit of advise from all of you ladies.

    Im trying to conceive, me and my partner had sex on two occasions at the time of ovulation window. One day after i had a slight cramping and lover back pain. 2 days past i got tender breasts and sore nipples. Sore nipples gone but tender breasts are still there and i never get any breast pain at all so this is new to me.5/6 DPO my morning urine was cloudy(colour was ok so  i’m not dehydrated and i took a urine strip test and all good results).Im now 7/8 DPO urine is now normal but breasts are still tender, pregnancy test still negative but i’m hoping it’s good news?

    Do you think i’m might be pregnant but it’s too early to come up on the test??

    Thanks in advance 

  • i also meant to add that 2 days ago ai got shakey w cause i havent had anything to eat( which it happens sometimes), i was driving at that time and thought i was going to pass out at some point and got hot all of the sudden and that never happens, please help!

  • SBW, don't worry, I don't think it can affect anything. At the end of the day blastocyst is an extremely aggressive cell! If it's a viable pregnancy it won't stop anything :)

    Patia, Of course it can :) I was feeling bad very early and tested positive after AF was due! It felt like I had a hangover & my immune system was down image you can try to test but it's very likely it will be negative even if you are pregnant. Implantation can occur anytime between 6-10 days and you need to add another 2-4 days for hcg to be high enough to be detected in urine :) 

    Fingers crossed it's a positive for you :)

  • Thank you for the quick respond Magda :)

    Days don’t go by quick enough when you’re waiting to have any symptoms or to see whether period comes or not :D

  • I know what you mean :D I've bought ridiculous amount of tests haha :)

    my husband really had enough of me :) 

    Hopefully you will see your 2 lines this month xx

  • I keep all the TMIs away from my partner so far as he would say that it’s impossible to have symptoms so early and that it’s probably all in my head :D 

    I try not to get excited but it’s so hard not to :D

    thank you! xxx

  • Oh I just wrote a post and it disappeared :-( whoops

    thank you for the support Magda I actually think you are keeping me sane!! I need to have a more relaxed outlook like yourself- I just had to go on a choppy boat ride which to me was similar to a roller coaster and ny hubby got it all ‘omg what if this affects implantation 😂’ he’s told me I’m not allowed to use the O or I word again for the rest of the trip!! I’m going to try my best to relax and hopefully there maybe a blastocyst doing it’s thing in there! Thanks again I’m so happy you got your BFP Magda xx

    patia I think may be early for testing, the 2WW is awful isn’t it!! Your symptoms sound encouraging so maybe try relax a little and test again soon (I know easier said than done) keep us posted how your getting on xxx

  • SBW117 it sure is, what a drag :D i will keep you all posted xxx

  • Ladies you're amazing and you're keeping me sane too actually :D I keep worrying all the time. It didn't end well for me last time and I just really really do hope this time it will be different!

    I remember every time I said O word to my husband a look of horror crossed his face 😂 now he's so proud of himself it's just ridiculous

    are you ttc for a long time?

  • Its only a second round of trying for me. People say that when you want to get pregnant you probably won’t because you think about it all the time and it makes it harder so even though i have tender breasts etc i’m still kind of doubtflu as well as kind of excited if you know what i mean. I’m using ovulation tests as well as conception friendly lube and i’m taking Pregnacare conception every other day, all that to help the process.

    what about you ladies? xxx

  • That's great Patia! :) We started last November. I got pregnant straight away but mmc at 11+4 wks. Then I had to wait 3 months unfortunately, that was the worst. And I'm pregnant now! :)

    I have to say I was losing hope a bit, I was taking pregnacare too and also Q10 for healthy eggs and L-arginine for thick lining. Not sure if it helped but I did eventually get pregnant :)

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