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My DD won't poo in the potty!

So my 23 month old DD won't poo in the potty or toilet. She'll wee in both just not poo. She's not constipated and I don't want her to become constipated so I give in to her demands for a nappy. Any ideas on how to 'wean her off the nappy'?



  • I had a friend whose daughter would do this - until she was 5!!!! From what i've read, it's a comfort thing, and just something she will eventually change. In the meantime, you could try a sticker reward chart, so every time you get her to poo, give her a sticker and maybe reward at the end. 

    Also, don't give in and give her the nappy - she's winning this way. Maybe let her poo herself? Sounds terrible, but might help... 

  • Hi Mummyof5Kiddos

    You need to find out the reason she isn't pooing.  Some kids find it scary to poo or they are not relaxed enough, or they just don't know how to poo.  The sphincter (which is a bit of muscle that keeps it all in) needs to relax to let stool out.  If the child is not relaxed, which is a common problem with kids, they happily pee but won't poo as they are not relaxed enough so it can take a few days to master relaxing and letting the stool out (potty training can be stressful of some toddlers).  What I would do is to give them a book and read to them or let them look at the pictures.  I would talk to them in a soothing way whilst on the loo.  Or I would take in a favorite toy, stroke their hair and massage their back or tummy.  This all helps to relax that important muscle and once they have done it once or twice they will "get the sensation" and go with it in the future!  Hope that helps and hope your little poppet starts pooing like a tropper!  

  • Thanks for the replies! My daughter was finding it boring to do a poo so I let her take the toy she was playing with and let her play. She now poos on her own, no fuss!



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