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Due in September 2018 - Part 2



  • I still have 2 and half weeks to go!!!! Ready to meet little one now - although I’m happy for baby to cook as long as they need 🙈.... 

    I keep getting the snot like discharge still (sorry tmi), and seem to have pain like cramping and that in my pelvis and bad back ache... but these are in the morning and then again normally at night! 

    Mali’s not liking this lack of sleep at the moment - I know I’m getting ready for this ha ha 😂... needing to pee every 2 seconds!! What the he!! 

    Mum not going to bre I’m bottle feeding from the start. I would like to express for at least 2 weeks to give baby all the goodness they need 


  • I have Braxton Hicks tonight - well I'm assuming they are! Still no sign of my mucus plug yet so not expecting anything soon. 

    I'm hoping to breastfeed but not putting too much pressure on myself if it doesn't work out. I know my mum and aunt both really struggled with it so hoping I'll not be the same! 

  • I’m going to try breastfeeding this time around again. My older 2 girls were bottle fed my one year old I fed myself for 6 weeks then putvher in the bottle. 

    I cant believe I have 3 days left 🙈 I was doing my food shop online this morning to make it easier for the hubby lol as he likes simple meals lol not that he will be at home but helps for when he picks up the girls At night xxx

  • imageimage


    Tonight we did a belly cast ive had a pretty crap couole days with hospital appointments, family stuff.

    this was do much fun to do and cost less than £5 to do 😍

  • so mummies to be. today is the day I drop my girls off at school & childcare and head to the hospital 🙈

    we are super excited to be meeting or knew bundle 😍 although I’ve not slept much aall been up and down all night and had panic attacks 😩 

    wish me luck 😘😘😘

  • Bless you Michelle! Hasn't it come around quick! 

    Good luck with everything! Can't wait to see some photos!! X

  • Good luck today!! bet your excited!! 

    Cant wait to see pictures 


  • We are so excited but im a worrier so everything worries me constantly so my anxiety plays up xxx

  • Michelle, wishing you all the luck in the World today. We can't wait to read your updates and don't forget to post the big news over here! 

  • Ladies quick question.... want to have my eye brows tinted ... less trouble when little one is here! Have any of you tinted your eyebrows whilst pregnant? 

    I had my hair done last week and that was all fine so I presume eyebrows will be ok... but thought I’d see? 


  • Charleemay I tint my brows and lashes regularly and have tinted pregnant ladies many times before xx

  • Perfect. Thank you Hun! I thought it would be fine but thought I’d see!! Thank yiu xxx

  • Charleemay you’re welcome. Is anyone else here self employed? got a letter the other day saying I’m only entitled to £27 maternity allowance a week 😭 hoping that I can pay more NI contributions to up it but got to wait for the letters to come through. Has anyone else had this?xx

  • Good luck Michelle!

    Sorry ttc I'm no help on maternity I have to go on the government page to check everything - and even then when my letter came in it confused me - and that's with an employer doing it for me! 

    Charleemay I'd imagine it's fine, but get a skin test done because my skin is much more sensitive since I got prego :) 

  • Still awaiting to go to round for section hoping it’s not much longer as they did say between 1-1:30 xx

  • Good luck Michelle!! Enjoy those first snuggles- they are the best!!

    im no help TTC- not self employed but it sounds really low to me so hopefully they have it wrong xx

  • image

    Laelynn  born 14:44 weighing 7lbs 3oz xxxx

  • Omg Congratulations Michelle! She is just perfect!!! Xxx

  • Aw micheMic congrats 😍 she's gorgeous! Enjoy those first cuddles!

  • Congratulations Michelle! She is beautiful!!

    I also had my last consultant appt I am being induced this Monday and will remain in hospital until my baby is born at 37weeks and they say he needs to be born before 38 weeks because of my diabetes. So knowing next week I'll be a first time mum is so exciting :) keep you all updated. Congratulations again!!x

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