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Tell Hobbycraft which craft kit would keep your child happy – and why: you could win £200 voucher!



  • My boys would love the science and nature kits to keep them entertained.  They are always outdoors so these would be ideal.

  • He would love the paint your own penguin - he's absolutely zoo obsessed! 

  • We are a very crafty family in general I upcycle and do lots of different crafts in my spare time. So I do buy a lot of general craft bits and supplies.  I have brought a few kits when the kids have birthday money. They love the sequin kits; the scratch art is my little boys favourite he has mild autism so these whelp clam him down when he has a meltdown. My daughter once got a paint your own initial kit which she loved and a make your own lamp shade which was tricky for her but she is proud of her lampshade. We have visited your workshops before but our local store isn’t that local so we cant go as much as we would like.

  • Horrible Science Violent Volcano

  • What a great choice. I went straight to the sewing section as my daughter is learning to sew and loves it. If I had to pick a kit as a surprise, I would be torn between the unicorn and the felt owl pillow. The little birds are also adorable. A great way to teach the basic without becoming bogged down in having to seek out all the individual items required.

  • I have three kids and I always need to keep them entertained. It's hard to get them to sit down unless it's in front of a TV or craft time.  The science kits will be ideal to do together or the card kits.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I think it would have to be the kids craft bundle with glue dots as they could use the stuff in the bundle for painting,colouring with pens/pencils and crayons. This would keep them happy as they can use simple pieces of paper to colour stuff in and create their creations 

  • My kids often make home-made cards for relations so they'd love the card making kits.

  • My son would love the Galt Slime Lab! Anything slime he loves!! 

  • My son would love the "bouncy eyeballs" kit because he's at that age where he loves anything gruesome and my daughter would go for the sparkle jewellery kit because she loves making beaded necklaces.

  • I think my boys would really enjoy the "Build Your Own Electric Keyboard". I think they would really like the build process and the end result. They would probably inist of doing some sort of concert at the end of it (or a family band)!

  • Both of my children love the card making kits, it keeps them quiet for hours (its one of the few things that they don't fight about). They love giving birthday and Christmas cards that they have made, they feel so proud. I love it because it gets them thinking instead of playing computer games

  • My daughter would love the ice cream Pom Pom kit. She loves Pom poms and ice cream. Perfect combo

  • My kids love dressing up, so I would have to say the jewellery making kits. They would love to sit and make charm bracelets with their friends.

  • My daughter would love the Sequin picture craft kits, she just loves art and making pictures. We have just redecorated her bedroom and they would look lovely in there.

  • we are currently trying to get the kids more interested in crafting but they are just too young at the moment

  • Any of the slime kits. She's obsessed with slime at the moment so I'm sure she'd love to make some of her own

  • My 3 are big on decoupage at the moment. A wonderful way to upcycle some loved bits and the Hobbycraft funky papers are fab. They particulalry like the peacock and animal print ones.

  • My niece loves the sequin art kits and I have to admit, so do I.  I have been known to sneak a few sequins in when she's not looking!!  Why should the kids have all the fun eh?  image

  • My little girl loves the science and nature so she would probably pick one of those kits ...we have already got the bug safari one which she loves

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