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Tell Hobbycraft which craft kit would keep your child happy – and why: you could win £200 voucher!



  • The foster children would love the card making kits because they are suitable for all their age ranges, and it always seems to be someone's birthday either at school or in  our family.

  • My daughter would love the first knitting kit because she said to me that she would love to learn to knit just like her grandmother. So this kit would definitely keep her entertained for ages! 

  • My girls love Hobbycraft as they love anything shiny and glittery

  • My son absolutely loves anything to do with art and Hobbycraft is like his treasure trove, he can spend a fortune on pencils and pens for his collection.  He loves any art but the science kits would be fab for keeping him amused.

  • Kids clay & dough kits. Hands on squishy fun, they love making things from their imaginations.

  • My boy would love the Build Your Own Keyboard kit because he loves it when daddy plays the piano.

  • My son would love the My Living World Bug Safari Kit.  He's fascinated with all sorts of bugs and insects.  

  • I think my daughters would love this sequin kit:

    We've had a flat one before it kept the entertained for hours and creates a really nice piece for them to put on the wall! This 3D version would be a new challenge!

  • My daughter would definitely love the Fairy Garden one!

  • My daughter would love the cute pompom animals!

  • It depends what mood she is in could be the Galt Slime Lab or the fairy jewellery and card making. She likes variety as she gets bored easily.

  • My kids love the sewing kits hobbycraft sell. They are great value

  • My 6yr old absolutely loves painting and making things. He would love pomppom kits and painting ceramic's. Might make getting him to bed a little harder lol! He tends to get totally engrossed.

  • Both of my children would love the Scratch Art kits - they are absolutely bargainous for such an easy to do activity, that gives such impressive results - even for a beginner.  The pictures are appealing and I will definitely be buying them a set...and maybe even one for myself too!

  • My daughter just loves all the big craft packs :)

  • My little boy would love one of the pom pom kits!

    Good luck everyone!

  • We love spending time together doing crafts and creating things. My boys would love the paint your own dinosaur money box kits. They are both currently obsessed with dinosaurs and are just starting to learn about the value of money and saving.

  • My daughter loves painting! She is obsessed with different leafs at the moment so likes painting them and stamping them onto paper. I think she also likes to get messy ;-)

  • Having had a browse of what hobbycraft have available I think both my 7yo boy and 6yo girl would enjoy having a go at slime making! There is a link on the website to slime making instructions on Hobbycrafts blog - I didn't realise that this useful resource was available. Also, having looked through some of the painting activities (e.g. money boxes and wind catchers) I was impressed at how reasonably priced they are.

  • My 7 children of all ages abilities and disabilities thrown in absolutely love hobby craft we are there all the time also because im a crafter the products are fab and have an amazing range my kids especially love the sun catching kits and card making kits xxx

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