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Need a second pair of eyes, please! (P-test)

I had to put on my glasses for this junk.

I honestly can't tell if I'm seeing a faint line, or if my mind is playing tricks on me. Will test again tomorrow.




  • Difficult to tell hunni sorry but good luck xxx

  • Better picture, because my shadow got in the way.

    I can't tell. I'm fairly sure I can see the faintest blue hue.


  • @Trying4number2: Appreciate it. ;) I know I might be grasping at straws. And I can't get a good picture of this thing, gah. AF in 3 days. I'll take another snap tomorrow. Or later today.

  • I can see something! Fingers crossed for u xx

  • I see the faintest of lines. Good luck testing tomorrow. FC xx

    P.S been following you're other thread 😊

  • Buaha, thank you!

    I keep thinking I must be seeing things. But I stored it in a plastic baggie, looked at it when I was more awake, and there is definitely something there. Hopefully tomorrow yields better results.

    Thanks for the follow. :) I haven't had any "regular" symptoms, but the kneading in my abdomen is still going. Subtly, but there.

  • Good luck with testing tomorrow glad others can see something....I'm rubbish at it I think lol xxx

  • I can see a very faint line. I used the same one when I was 11dpo and it wasn’t the best of tests to be honest. I got a positive the following day with different ones. I’d recommend the first response or digital clear blue which is the easiest to see can’t go wrong with that. Best of luck xx


  • @Trying4Number2, No apologies necessary! I'm still questioning the validity of my sanity xD.

    @Brookes, thank you! That's exactly how mine looked to me and hubby, but every time I tried to get a picture, it wouldn't focus or my shadow would get in the way.

  • I ran out of ClearBlue,  and Walmart was out. Wound up using their offbrand First Response which was crap, the control window didn't even fill.

    Tried EPT, but at -2days to AF it's only 84% accuratr. Fairly certain I can see a faint line, but might be going insane.

    I have one more EPT, and the digital tests left. I'm going to try and hold off until 13dpo, as that is when AF is due.

  • Good luck hunni i hope u get your BFP xxx

  • I think I can see something ♥ 

  • SO HEY.

    I bought another VlearBlye, might as well test with the original one,  right?

    12 dpo. 1 day to AF.



  • Ahh yay! Congrats! Xx

  • Congratulations hunni 😀 xxx 

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