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turning a breech baby!

im 37 +5 and ive just found out my baby is breech, im booked in a week today to try and have the beby turned, has anyone else had this done, if so what was it like?


  • i havent experienced this personally as havent had my first yet! my mum was talking to me about when she was pregnant with me- i was breech so they turned me. she said it was a pretty strange experience and i'll be honest she said it was a little painful but was over in a few minutes.
    luckily for her i stayed the right way and was born in the right position so fingers crossed for you that your little bubba will be ok too!

    rachel 29 weeks today!
  • hi i had this done but it was 9 years ago so might be diffrent now, but they do it with the help of an ultrasound well they did with me, and it was uncomfortable, but it worked! xx good luck xx
  • never had it done but you could trying playing music to the bottom of your tummy, and also shinning a torch along the bottom as well as both are saposed to encourage the baby to turn to them x
  • I've not been through this but have heard that if you spend as much time as possible on all fours (on your knees and elbows with your bottom in the air) it can encourage the baby to turn.
    I've never tried it mind and it might be an old wives tale but may still be worth a go!
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