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16 month old throwing up snot


my daughter woke up this morning at 7:15 after sleeping from 7pm last night (normal for her) she started throwing up mucus when she woke up and then fell back to sleep at 7:30am and is still asleep now!

she has temp 37.3 and has just been crying when awake.

why is she throwing up mucus never done it before 

any advice would be appreciated 



  • I've had this many times with my youngest.

    Basically, it is your daughter's bodies way of clearing the snot from her chest.

    So the snot is up her nose, but because she can't blow it out or get rid of it, it goes down the back of her throat, and gets stuck and sits on her chest - her throwing it up, is actually helping to clear it from her system, and it is not something to worry about at all, but actually a really good thing! It helps with the coughing and cold. 

    Leave her sleep and keep an eye on her temp, but really nothing to worry about it - my daughter was ALWAYS much better AFTER throwing up the snot. 

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