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  • Congratulations onlyeverbeendogmum 😍😍

    he’s gorgeous 

  • Congrats dogmum he's beautiful. I love his name and look at his hair 😍! Hope you're both doing well x

  • Aww congratulations!!! He’s beautiful!xx

  • Anyone else getting a newborn photoshoot done.

    we were away today and I’m to excited to get our photos back 🙈image

  • Ohh sorry ladies, he didn’t have a name yet so had just posted his last nane before. Full name is Rowan Duncan Campbell 💙 Full strong Scottish name image

  • Michelle we have one in the morning for Evelyn - can't believe she's a week old already! You'll need to let us see the final images and I'll post a few of ours.

    Dogmum can't beat a good Scottish name! Quite a few wee Scots bubs on this thread too.

  • Mrsb I will do :) we Took a couple of or own props with ya to. the women was fantastic my almost 2 year old fell against the back drop pulled it down more than once 🙈 we were late in getting ours done as laelynn will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday xxx

  • Congratulations on all the babies ladies! So want mine here now!

    has anyone else got a simplicity silver cross isofix base and a VW car? Tried to fit it yesterday and it just doesn’t sit right even though silver cross say it’s compatable. We bought it off of someone we know so can’t return it and not really sure what to do now 😭😭 xx

  • TTC I can't help in that I don't have that carseat or car, but our isofix was really simple to fit and I thought that most cars were now isofix compatible (unless they're pre 2010 I think it is).

    Is it maybe worth nipping into a VW dealership and explaining the issue you're having incase the issue is with the isofix in the car itself? Hopefully they wouldn't try and charge you just to show you that! And at least you would know if the issue was with compatibility? 

    P.S. It won't be long until your little one arrives!

    Michelle the lady doing ours is actually a customer from my previous job and her work is fantastic. We have to be there at 10am and I've been lying awake since Evie's 6am feed because I'm paranoid we sleep in! Maybe I should just get up and get her back ready to go. I think we're just going to take along the bunny her daddy bought her and use the props she already has. I'm thinking lots of girly headbands etc - I even saw ones with a teeny tiny tiara 😍!

  • We took my bump cast and daddies motorbike helmet and her blanket/shawl we got made. 

    The lady who done ours was a family friends Mum and she was briilliant.

    ttc I’m not sure on the car seat front we have never used and isofix if I’m honest. not in the car often enough so the extra £££ just seemed a waste. Nip into the dealership or even halfords xxx

  • Quick announcement! As there have been quite a few babies born (welcome to the World so far, Laelynn, Kolby, Emmaloulou's little girl, Ronnie, Brooke, Evelyn, Edith, Orla, Cienna, and Rowan), we thougth it was time to kick off your September 2018 Babies thread

    Please feel free to post here, or on the new thread (whether you have had your baby or not) but we will eventually lock this thread once all the babies have arrived. 

    New September 2018 Babies thread! Please do come on over and hit the green follow button so you don't miss any posts. 

    And an update of those who are due (please forgive us if this isn't right and do let us know)
    Lyra1318 - 3 Sept – yellow
    Hidingasecret - 11t Sept – yellow
    Sophia2018 – 13 Sept - yellow
    HB14 - 17th September – yellow
    Mama bear17 18 Sept - yellow
    MrsT1990 – 20 Sept – yellow
    MrsMills – 23 Sept – blue
    Ttcfirsttime – 27 Sept - girl

  • PS Ttcfirsttme, know it sounds silly, but have you looked on YouTube for installation guides for the car seat? They have saved us many a time... 

  • Danielle I had a baby boy on 4th September. His name is Oisín. 

  • Congratulations everyone on all your gorgeous babies! Can’t believe we’ve all been on this journey from so early on!!

    My due date is today! I started contractions early hours of yesterday morning... by midday they had died down... by 9pm they started vamping up again, went into hospital twice only to be sent home again at 3am this morn...only 2cms dilated. Managed to get some sleep between contractions but all seems to have died down again now 😢 so deflating

  • Hidingasecret try not to be disheartened - I had the same and contractions stopped when I got to 4cm. That was the Wednesday night. Then they came and went until Sunday night but not too strong. When they came back on Sunday they were instantly 2 minutes apart and I can honestly say that even with a big baby and back to back I had an easy labour - 8 hours from first contraction to baby in my arms. Hopefully it's the same for you and your body is working away in the background! 

    Keep us updated :)

  • Congrats on your wee boy Lyra!

    I'm loving everyone's name choices 😍

  • Congratulations lyra1318, we've just read your labour and birth story - what a smooth induction - how are you finding being home with Oisín? We hope you're doing really well. 

  • Danielle - yup I’ve tried everything, went to mothercare and spoke to the car seat fitting specialiast and she agreed that it wasn’t fitting right but we can’t figure out why. Unsolved mystery! Have ended up buying a maxi cosi car seat instead and sold the silver cross one!

    37+5 today and have no signs that labour is in the near future at all. Haven’t lost any plug, no Braxton Hicks, just a few cramps. Think I’ll definitely be on for an October babe 😭

  • tct I know how you feel! im 38+2 and I’ve had some period kind of cramps and some braxton Hicks but then they dissapear.. never been so gutted not to be in pain lol! Really don’t want to run over either, mainly as it’s my first and so many people have been saying ‘youll Go over with your first’ I just feel like I want to prove them all wrong and show everyone is different! But I don’t think he is team mommy and think hes gonna be late lmao!! X

  • MrsMills - how frustrating is it when people say ‘first babies are always late’ 😡 determined to prove them wrong! Midwife says babys head is engaged and she doesn’t think she’ll drop any lower until I go into labour but I don’t feel like my bumps dropped at all. Also don’t feel all that much pressure down there so does that mean the heads not low?! i think these last few weeks are going to be torture!x

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