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maternity skirts

hey, i'm going on holiday soon and want some maternity skirts, both for day and evening. I've looked most places but can't seem to find any. Has anyone seen any nice ones about? Or know anywhere that sells normal stretchy skirts for under the bump maybe? I also don't want to spend too much, thanks B x


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  • They've got some none maternity ones in diff colours which fit under your bump at H&M. I can still fit into them at 35+2 and they only cost a tenner! For evening i bought a long black one from jojo mamen bebe.
  • Its a bit tough at the moment as not all the shops have brought out their summer collections yet and especially the maternity ranges are limited. I think you'll find in a couple of months there will be non maternity skirts out there that are stretchy enough to last. I have a long gypsy skirt that Ive had ages that is quite baggy and fits under my bump.
    I have seen some gypsy and rara skirts in peacocks but only black or brown!
    hope you find some in time for hols

    20+2 xx
  • vertbaudet have some in pink blue or white for 17 or 19 pounds i think - really nice

  • thanks guys, will have a look in h&m - they sound good. I go a week on fri so not got that long to get things. its been awkward as i didnt know how big i would be, my bump just kinda appeared overnight xx
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