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Telling the parents i'm pregnant causing major anxiety

Hi all, just a quick question. 

Me and my OH are going to tell our parents soon about me being pregnant .I'm 5 weeks tomorrow. 

It's giving me major anxiety, not about his...but mine. We have been together a year and this will be my third child, but his first so we know that his parents are going to be really happy but I'm not sure about mine. They've not reacted great to my last two, but that's because the circumstances wernt brilliant. 

It's making me want to hold out on telling them. 

When did you tell your parents? And how? 

I want to show them that we are happy, and we want this and I wanted to do something special when we had the first scan. But a lot of people are saying that's far too late to tell them. 


  • I told mine after the 12 week scan, last week. Also our third child, we have a 6yo and 11month old already. We do very little with my OH‘s family so that is no problem, however we do a lot with my parents. Dad is easy, tad disappointed at the news of my first pregnancy at 18 but he soon got over it, good reaction to the others. My mother on the other hand, is a nightmare, still hasn’t forgiven me for the first pregnancy, wasn’t impressed with number 2 and furious that we’d be so ‘stupid’ to go again. I should mention that she loves my children and treats them much better than she does me. 

    So im sorry that I have no actual advice for you, but you are definitely not the only one with less than supportive parents. I hope that whenever you decide to break the great news, it goes as well as possible. 

  • Its not that they're not supportive, because they will do anything they can to help me and the kids. 

    It's just that initial reaction really, I don't want them to be disappointed with me again. They had every right to be last time though. 

  • Just make sure you tell them about the same time as you tell your partner's parents as if they found out you had left it a while but told the other parents sooner it may upset them. I would just act happy and confident and tell them together xxx

  • Oh definatly, we have planned to do it on the same day and do it together. I'm not even anxious about his parents haha

  • If you're nervous, why not wait until the 3 months are up. We were going to keep ours a secret until then. It's your choice in the end. Whatever make you both feel most comfortable.

  • Yeah the 12 week scan was when I wanted to tell them, but I see them like 3 times a week and it's already difficult to keep quiet haha 

    I'm sure we will figure it out, just got to get a straight answer off my OH aswell because he keeps changing his mind. 

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