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My 9 months old refuses to eat

My 9month old refuses to eat anything fed to him by me. He eats half his breakfast fed by me and then bats it away. Does the same with his dinner and tea. He’s happy to feed him self but there is very little I can think so to make sure he’s eaten enough. Do any of you lady’s know what I can do to encourage him to eat? Or anything I can feed him that he can feed himself? Thanks in advance 


  • Google baby led weaning - sounds like he wants to feed himself which is fine - at 9 months, babies main food source is still milk, so don't fret about him eating 3 solid meals a day. So do soldiers of toast, sticks of cucumber, pasta, yogurt and spoon -  he will get terribly messy, and it will look like there's ore on the floor than in his tummy, but this is how he'll learn. 

    if you would rather fed him yourself, give him a spoon to hold while you are feeding him - can really make a difference! 

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