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Due in June 2019 - Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in June 2019 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Thanks Danielle.

    keep us updated onlyme.

    Georgia I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed!!!

  • Hopefully- I dont think it is either.. They were being funny with me being off poorly this week so i told them i was pregnant and asked for reduced hours they were like we will need to talk between us as to what we can offer you and get back to you. If not I will have to leave and hopefully get a job somewhere else which will be hard. 

  • I'm here x resting and worrying

    you can't be discriminated against for being pg ffs. I was shocked at wise crack from my male chief exec 

  • Georgia if they can’t offer you reduced hours or something similar they have to suspended you on full pay until they can find something suitable for you 

  • Georgia they can’t discriminate because of pregnancy, that’s definitely not allowed. are you with an agency? I guess it’s possible that if the hours you want don’t work for them then you could be placed somewhere else until you go on mat leave maybe?

  • I've spoken to the agency and she is going to discuss with them aswell.. I might have to leave  and hope for the best i can find another job foe a few months.. It's stressing me out which isnt good for me or baby and i have low blood pressure so making me worse anyway 

  • Just been to the doctors. I have a water infection which is causing the cramps as they can be uncomfortable she said, she has given me some tablets to take and see how I get on with them I’m worrying so much 😫

  • Hope you are ok only me has the bleeding completely stopped now? X 

    loza Xs fingers crossed the tablets sort you out xx

  • Hopefully3 - Yes it has,  I've needed the loo again twice since it happened and both times although i was clean beghie,  there was a little streak of red in my discharge after passing it. I'm hoping that means there's a chance.  But the amount of red blood i saw last night scared me so im glad I've a scan tomorrow even tho I'm terrified to look

  • i know it’s so hard to but try and stay positive here if you need to talk. 

  • Thankyou x tummy is sore but all feels tender and bowel related.  Need to see Dr about getting constipated, if all is somehow ok tomorrow 

  • Eeek just told my work! My boss was very nice about it, I’m fairly new to the dept so I wasnt sure how they were going to react. That’s a relief! I’ve asked him to keep it to himself for the time being though until I’m further along. 

  • Ladies I’ve been sick around 7 times today, anything I try and eat/drink just comes straight back up. Do I go to the doctors and see what they can do or phone up the EP unit at the hospital? I can’t carry on being this sick. 

  • First sickness today, brought everything up that is eaten and don’t feel like eating again but I’m hungry 😔 my back is hurting too from this water infection 

  • Jade try ring your GP and make an appt - they may be able to give you some sickness tablets.

    It seems a lot of you have told your employers already. I havent said anything yet and am aiming to tell them after all confirmed ok at the scan. Im sure you dont have to tell them until 20 weeks but dont think i can hide it until then lol x

  • I can’t stop telling people omg.... I know I shouldn’t but keep telling everyone haha

  • Georgia your work sounds horrible and unfair !!!! How are you only me did you get your scan? Glad you took the day off work and are resting thats what our bodiea need in the early days. How is everybody else today i slept in till 2 o clock today. Was a really nice rest for my body. Gettin my cook on today tho im craving spice. No sickness or nausea today either. Xxxx

  • haha i know the feeling as i want everyone to know but ive been sensible so far! Only parents, siblings and our closest friends know. Telling extended family (grandparents, aunties uncles cousins etc) after the scan. Trying to think of a fun way to reveal it. Anyone got any suggestions? My cousin is pregnant (due in Jan) and when she told us she bought some krispy kreme donuts, stuck the scan photo on the inside of the box and wrote 'Eat up, my mum cant be the only one with a belly' it was so cute! x

  • imageI’m thinking of doing this one

  • Hahaha Hopefully thats such a good one!

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