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  • Oh Vonnie sorry to hear about your son, but truly these things do just happen. Try not to beat yourself up about it. Have you got a baby carrier you could use to help with Enya during the day? I've read quite a few women on the forum use them during the day to help get things done with their second child. 

  • OHH vonnie bless your little one i bet he got quite the shock but I’m sure he’ll bounce right back! Must have been a scary moment for you but you shouldn’t feel guilty!! Things like that happen all the time and kids get into all sorts  scrapes! hope you’re all recovering now.

    We had our 6 week check last week and the GP gave us some baby gaviscon, its honestly changed my life haha. George will now sleep so much more during the day and doesn’t feed all day anymore! Bless him, he must have been really suffering.

    lizzielouise your poor little one with her jabs! I’m absolutely dreading it but at least once it’s over there’s lots of cuddles to be had! Eloise has gotten so big! Glad she’s better today.

  • Thanks girls... I just keep thinking why didnt i stap him in. Hopefully the guilt will pass a bit soon.

    Lizzie Thats good she seems more settled from the bigger teat. Sorry the jabs were horrible for you both but at least shes getting protected. Whens her 6 week check? Its so lovely when they smile. Enyas only just doing little coos its so sweet though. 

    Thanks Danielle yes I do use a carrier but find it difficult to carry Euan at the same time shes in the carrier or play with him on the floor. I can carry him a bit on my hip while shes on the front but its quite awkward. 

    Helscee yes he did have a shock.. Wont go near that buggy now. And it was scary. When id realised hed really hurt himself. Makes you feel so sick with worry. Thats fantastic that the gaviscon has made such a difference. And the feeds calmed down for you. Glad it went well xxxxx

  • Hi everyone, we wondered how are you getting on with your babies? Please do come and let us know if you’re are getting any rest, if you’ve started any play groups (or if you’ve done any bad ones!). We’d love to hear from you. 

    We wanted to let you know, we have a competition to win a £200 Amazon voucher over on this thread - just tell us or share some pics of how you have changed your home.

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  • Hey girls 

    how is everyone doing.

    eloise is now just under 12lbs at 10 weeks old what a chub had her 6 week check this week was late with her been premature and she got on great she has the smiles down to a tea. She has officially started to roll onto her side to.

    she is sleeping 7 hours at night yes she is currently asleep and am wide away lol. We are going on our first holiday today to Haggerston castle with the family. I got diagnosed with pnd this week because of the bad anxiety am getting so been put on medication and going to get councelling once back off holiday Because I struggle to leave the house unless it’s with my mum.

    anyway here is a few pictures of Eloise 11 weeks tomorrow she is 




  • Aww Lizzielouise she’s gorgeous! She looks like she’s proper cracking up in the second one!

    well done you for making sure you are okay and getting the help you deserve, sorry to hear you’re stuck with the dreaded pnd but hope you feel better soon. Going away sounds like fun! We have just been visiting my family for the weekend and I managed to leave George for a few hours in the day to see my friend for her hen party, it felt really weird leaving him but we went to a spa which was lush haha. 

    Can’t believe all our babies are all getting so big! 

    We still can’t get George on a bottle, he just screams his head off every time. we’re trying everyday so I’m hoping he gets the hang of it so I can take some feeding pressure off me all the time! 

    Heres a few photos, he’ll be 10 weeks on Thursday 😱 he’s got so huge all of a sudden!




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  • Hey guys it’s all very quiet here now.

    how is everyone getting on that’s my baby girl nearly 14 weeks old already can’t believe it. 

    How is babies sleeping am getting around 8-9 hours a night it’s great then she gets up has a bottle and goes down for another 3-4 hours. 

    Cant believe she is now in 3-6 months cloths to it’s crazy now.



  • this is Elsa-Grace at 11 weeks today and weighed 12lb on Tuesday, she laughs, smiles and giggles a littl. She’s lots of fun for me and her doting big brother who truly adores her. She goes to sleep at  6.30/7 after a 5/6 ounce bottle and wakes at about 4:30 for 5/6 ounces. i Have to wake her between 7.30 and 8 most of the time to get her brother to school for 8.30. She’s started teething, and although I haven’t had a letter yet, her next injections are due on November 6th 😩 she coped with the First lot really well to start off with. Then kicked off last week for a few days, which they said was down to them. Sorry I haven’t been on for ages. It’s not long started to settle down. I’m finding single mum life a challenge sometimes but I definitely think it’s actually easier than being in a relationship where we’d disagree with everythin!! 

    Lizzie your little girl is beautifu. It won’t be long and Elsa will be in 3-6 months too, I’m trying to hold off for as long as possible 😩imageimageimage

  • Kathken I have been the same been a single parent is hard I was struggling with pnd for weeks but now on medication and am feeling ao much better now. 

    eloise got her letter for her last injections the other day so 2 weeks time and it will all be done till she is 1. 

    i dunno what Eloise weighs she gets weighed tomorrow at 14 weeks old she was last done at 11 and was 11lbs 11 so she is probs well in to the 12 lbs now. 

    I tried to keep squeezing her into 0-3 but had to give up lol she was just getting to big it’s just crazy like but she rolled over for the first time the other night and is blowing raspberries at me now little tinker lol

  • I was on medication anyway bec I suffer with MH I’ve had to get the meds adjusted slightly but I think I’m doing well now. 

    I didnt hold her. I sat in the corner signed for them then cried 😪 I’ll be doing the same for the next time too!! By the sounds of it I’ll be surprised if shes not yet in the 13lb zone 😃 sounds like she’s doing so well!!

    she started with the bubbles last week! So there’s extra dribble everywhere. She’s so cheeky haha! I think I’ll probably cry when she rolls. I’m not ready for it just yet 😩 I wanted her to be my newborn forever!! 

  • Hi everyone, how’s it going for you and the babies? Quickie, have any of you tried Carobel for babies with reflux? If so, can you help one of our members here on this thread please? If you’ve not tried Carobel but have had a baby with reflux, we’re sure she’s appreciate any wise words you can offer. 😊

  • Hey 

    how is everyone and there babies time has flown by Eloise is nearly 5 months old already it’s mad she has got her own little character now it’s amazing. 




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  • Hi Everyone! 

    How are you and your little ones all doing! 

    The newborn days seem like a lifetime ago now! It feels as though Mia-Wren has always been here. She’s completely settled now and getting so big! We will be starting baby led weaning in the next couple of weeks so collecting some meal ideas. 

    How have you all been getting on with weaning? 


  • HI mamas and babas! Gosh hasn’t time flown by! 

    We are about to start baby led weaning! I’m excited, George has been playing with spoons and cups and watching us eat for a bit so I’m hoping he’s gunna take to it! 

    aww arent they all so big and gorgeous now? Funny to think they were so tiny! George is 6 months old next week. Crazy! 



  • Hey guys 

    time sure has eloise was 6 months old last week so weaning has started and she loves it. She is ill again with a cold so it’s plenty cuddles for her. 

    I cant get tea now as she like to steal it. She has the rolling down to an art and gets around the sitting room and we have had our first bump to the head now. 




  • Aww bless her, she looks like she’s loving all her food! So funny that she’s off around your living room! George is too lazy to roll I think, he still hasn’t rolled over however he wants to be on his feet alllll the time! He tries walking if we hold him up and gets grumpy if we try get him to sit down ha! Got a feeling he’s gunna he mobile too soon and kinda dreading it haha. 

    We gave George a bit of food yesterday, he tried a bit of pancake and burger and today he’s had some sweet potato and carrot! He’s interested in it but mostly just throws it on her floor... the dog is loving it 😂

  • imageimageimageimageElsa-Grace is 6 months old next Week!! She has Been weaning since the new year. Goes to bed at 6, Only wakes for one  bottle when I go to bed, then wakes at 7.30. She sat up for the first time yesterday  and says the words mama, dada and hiya. When saying hiya she  her arms. I love her personality and her manurisms so much. She’s My little best friend! She has some little friends of her own from groups but her favourite time of day is fetching her brother from school and having time with him 💚 I cannot believe that it has almost been a year since I found out I was 15 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Single mum life isnt always easy but I’m taking it in my stride 😁

  • Hi everyone, as we’re sure you know all too well, August is around the corner, which means your baby is likely to be turning 1 very soon, if they haven’t already. Happy birthday!

    This also means that this baby thread is moving on to become August 2018 Toddlers!   
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