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Looking for some advice.  I am 38 soon to be 39 have been trying for a baby for the last 4 years.  I have had 3 missed miscarriages all ending around the same time at 7 weeks.  I had genetic testing on last pregnancy and they could not find any cause for miscarriage.  My fertility doc gave me six months clomid which i have finished and resulted in no pregnancy.  I have now been referred for IVF, not sure if we will get accepted.  My AMH have come back at 8.4, FSH 8.7 and LH at 4.  I have no idea what these results mean?? Can anyone help?

I have had 21 day Progesterone which was 79, bloods come back normal for blood clotting and thyroid.  Partner has had semen analysis we havent had results yet.  

I am hoping we make the criteria for IVF fingers crossed but are there any supplements that anyone would recommend while I am waiting to be seen?.  I take pregnacare and evening primrose for CM. Which has completely disappeared since I had the clomid.

Also with IVF do they give you any medications to take in the two week wait after transfer to try and sistain a pregnancy if it implants?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.:)



  • Your FHS is egg reserve. It's below 9 so that's good for ur age hun. Xxx 9-15 means u are declining in quality and reserve but that's normal for your age so 8.4 is all ok x 

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