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Hello everybody!image I'm new to this forum so I'm not quite sure on lingo quite yet haha.

So ill start from the beginning; 

We aren't trying to conceive, but aren't opposed if I was to get pregnant. We have been careful for the most part, but mostly using the pullout method.

Anyways, this cycle during ovulation, my fiance and I were doing the deed and were a little tipsy. We had an accident and afterwards when I went to clean up, I saw blood. Just lightly with some stringy discharge, spotting lasting really lightly for 2 to 3 days. I was a little worried at first, but everything is fine.

Around 6dpo, I started cramping and still am at 11 dpo. I still have 6 days until my period is supposed to start (which are regular), and cramping this early is weird for me. I have sore breasts, headaches, and have been really emotional to the point where I cried when the dog pooped in the house 😂😂

Another thing that is making me wonder if I'm possibly pregnant is the fact I'm having more discharge than usual. To the point where I thought I peed myself and couple times I thought my period has came early. This discharge has been wet and milky looking. Its weird for me, because its rare for me to have this much discharge and discharge that's not thick and white colored at this point in my cycle.

If my period doesnt come when it's due, I'll take a test. Until then I'm playing the waiting game. I just hope I'm not symptom spotting, ya know?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in opinions!


  • Help pleaseee

  • Hi your symptoms sound promising. I’m now 5 weeks pregnant and one of the symptoms I had was being so emotional and  crying over stupid things. I also had more discharge when I would be dry for af. I’ve tested positive with first respond test 4 days before my missed Af. if you can get a early detection test like first response then you can test early with first wee. You can buy them on amazon a lot cheaper than in shops. Hope you get your bfp! 

  • I'm testing tomorrow morning! Which marks our 3 year anniversary so wouldn't it be great if he had breakfast and bed and at the same time finds out if he's going to be a father? He'd be happy, I'm sure of it. Wish me luck and hope for a bfp!!

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