Could I be pregnant or ovulating very late

I'm on day 27 of a 29 day cycle. I just bought a new pack of clear blue ovulation sticks and i thought I would take one just for the hell of it thinking it would come back with a empty circle but it came back with a peak fertility solid emily face. 

So does this mean I am ovulating late this month or could I be pregnant. 


  • Hi katy, the same thing happened me to. I was sure I had already but did another test for the sake of it, it was positive. I was annoyed because we didnt have sex at that time so I thought I was out for the month. Then did a pregnancy test for the sake of it and it was positive :) fingers crossed that you get the same outcome x

  • But then again you could be ovulating late for get baby dancing just incase! 

  • Haha we did just to make sure. Lol. Tomorrow is d day for Af so fingers crossed. 

  • imagepretty definitive. 

  • Congratulations!! thats a strong positive xx

  • Yeyyyyyyy!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you :D xx 

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