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Due in August 2019

Hello - and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm DanielleMFM and it's lovely to see you here.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also Due in August 2019, please do post a reply on this thread and tell us about yourself.

If you're due in a different month, check out our other birth clubs; you can find them here.



  • Yay so happy we have a August birth club now!! Based on online calculators I should be due August 4th!! im about 4 weeks!! Ringing to pre book midwife app today but pretty sure it’s something like 8 weeks when get that xx

  • Andreag1990, welcome and massive congratulations and hooray you're our first person to join this thread! We are thrilled for you. ☺️ Don't worry, we're sure there will plenty more ladies joining here soon. 

  • Thankyou Danielle I’m really excited :)

  • Andreag1990 I’m due Aug 4th also! According to online calculators anyways. Have yet to be confirmed with the Drs. 


  • Hi all, I received my BFP this morning after TTC for a couple of months. I still feel very dazed and hardly dare to believe! I used the natural cycles app which says I am due on 7th August. 

    Congratulations to you you all on you BFPs and here’s to the future! 

  • Yay so glad people are joining!! I have my first midwife appointment on Thursday!! And I’ve booked a early scan for dec 21st a little Xmas present to stop the worrying lol!!! 

  • Congratulations AndreaG1990. When did you first test positive? I’ve heard I need to wait until I’m 8 weeks to go to the doctors but I’m not sure I could wait another month!

  • Oh my Drs tried to tell me to wait but I insisted. I’m not sure it would feel real until I hear a dr say those magic words ‘you’re Pregnant!’

    I have an app this Thursday now And looking into an early scan! I’m too impatient!! 😊

  • That’s exactly my thoughts. I shall give them a ring and get booked in for next week! It the constant nerves that are getting too me!

  • I told the receptionist that on the NHS website It says to see your GP as soon as you have taken a positive test. She couldn’t argue with me then! 

  • Great work! I’m 36 so will Mention that too when I call as I know the risks increase. Let us know how you get on after Thursday 😊

  • I just rang the doctors today she didn’t ask how far along I was just told me she could book me in with the midwife on Thursday!! With my first I think I was made to wait until 8 weeks!! I tested positive on Saturday and already I’m pretty obsessed!! Get so worried encase something goes wrong just wish I could have a scan right now!!! Or wish I actually had symptoms to make it feel real

  • Has anyone else had any early pregnancy symptoms!! 

  • its all so surreal isn’t it!!! I have lots of cramping and bloating. And lots of nausea! 

    enough that I know someone is in there! I didn’t expect to feel anything. After lots of googling I’m comforted to know that it can happen that early And nothing is wrong.  Being a first time mum, google is my new best friend 😂

  • I have cramping but no nausea yet!! It’s funny that I actually want to be sick will feel comforted!! will Be so nice havig This group through our pregnancies!! 

  • It’s been wonderful knowing I can chat to people here as I feel like I want to burst and tell the world! everyone seems lovely too! 

    Looking forward to hearing everyone’s experiences along the way 😊 

  • I have been having what keeps feeling like AF symptoms so kept expecting to bleed. I definitely agree with the sickness. It will make it feel very real. I feel like I’m over analysing every little twitch or cramp! 

  • Same here Jody everyrime I get cramp I want to check for blood lol!! The first trimester is so nerve wracking 

  • Welcome missjodylea and Babybear10, so lovely to have you guys join the thread and huge congratulations! How did your partners take the big news? 

  • Thanks Danielle 😊 

    my wife and I had been trying for a few years with a donor. So when I revealed the news there were lots of tears!! She is being level headed now and saying don’t buy anything etc until after 12 weeks (I may have secretly bought the cutest baby grow, but no more than that! Yet). Its a dream come true for us ❤️

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