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Do we think BFP or Evap??

hey, I did this first response test tonight at my friends, I didn’t have time to look at it properly and then a few hours later I’ve looked and can see a faint line. No clue as to whether it’s a BFP or not! Thanks x imageimage


  • Just noticed it wasn’t a first Response it’s a cheapie Coop one! X 

  • imageimage So I’ve taken another test this morning with FMU and it’s within the 10 mins. Do I have line eyes or can we see a faint line? I have taken the test apart so I can get a closer look. 

    Just to add I have no idea where I am at with my cycle as I Did take the pill for 2 weeks last month but then stopped as I didn’t Want to take it for various reasons. We are not TTC so this will be a surprise if it is a BFP. I had some bleeding a week ago which was on and off and not like AF as I didn’t get the cramps but it did seem like a period. So I’m very much confused. So I’m just keen to know now. I have had constant headaches, breast ache, strong smells, I think I get a metallic taste but I’m not sure. 

  • Pregnancy test are not valid after 2 minutes so if it popped up 10 minutes later you may want to wait a few days and test again but read results within 2-3 minutes. Baby dust 

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