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  • Oh Babybear10, that is so wonderful! It worked! We are over the moon for you guys! 

  • Hi girls! 

    I’ve just found out yesterday I’m pregnant due roughly around 5th August so I’m 4 weeks! It’s my first and after suffering a very early miscarriage a few months back we took a break from the apps and monitoring ovulation etc so this was a huge shock and I only realised I was 5 days late yesterday!

    its not really sunk in yet and just wondering if anyone can give me advice on what to do next? like who do I call to make an appointment etc? 

    would love some similar pregnant gals to share this with xxxxx

  • Hi Craly24, so glad you fund the thread and welcome! Huge congratulations and we'd like to wish you a happy and healthy 9 months ahead. 

  • Thank you so much Danielle! xxx

  • Hi craly my due date should be 4th August!!! Ring your docs and they will make u a booking in appointment with the midwife!!! Congrats!!! Baby bear it’s so hard not to buy things early lol!! I was looking at the boy and girls clothes yesterday 

  • Im joining tentatively. The last 2 times i got pregnant they turned out to be chemicals so while im happy im just being a bit aprehensive at the moment. Tested positive today with EDD of Aug 10th. Ive already got 3 children of my own and 3 step children😁

  • Hi sao :)

    my midwife said my due date is 29th July but going to stay here just encase it’s august after scan!! :) 

  • All went well today gave me a few leaflets and talked through the usual stuff and then Ive got an appointment in two weeks for booking in xx

  • Evening ladies! Just had my Drs app and it’s all confirmed. I’m pregnant and Due on the 4th 😍❤️ 

    Got my pack of leaflets and forms. And  an appointment for my free flu jab. 

    Just got to wait to hear from my midwife about the next step ❤️

    It actually feels real now. Not something I’ve dreamt up! Haha 

  • Don’t leave Andrea!! 

  • Hi all! Apologies for the radio silence. I own my own business so baby or not it’s business as usual! My partner was thrilled by the newS. We didn’t expect it to happen so soon after starting the natural cycles app  I put it down to my great temperature taking skills 😂 

    Here‘s a question for everyone... How many tests did it take to convince you?

  • Babybear10 that’s wonderful! I can’t wait to get the leaflets anc paperwork too. I’ve bought a note today so I can jot everything down as a keepsake and include pics and bits. I would have loved to have read something like that from my mum. 

  • I won’t :) glad u want me to stay I have a feeling I’ll have my scan and they will say beginning of August as my cycles were long so.... I did 3 tests with this pregnancy and 8 with my first haha

  • First day back at work since I found out... I move between 12 psychiatric wards... had a nightmare where to put me as everywhere is dangerous at the mo... meeting With manager soon ahhh

  • Andrea that must be awkward! Fingers crossed work sorts itself! 

    Im a dog walker myself, so every time I walk a larger dog I get so nervous it’s going to jump up and Cause damage! 

    Jody what a great idea. Think I might do the same and start a scrap book 😊 

    I took 3 tests. Probably more if I had them in the house! Haha. 

  • Welcome SaoirseK and congratulations - we'd love to wish you a suer sticky bean and have everything crossed for you. 
    Andrea, we're so glad you're sticking around. 

  • Well i posted yesterday but today my boobs have completely stopped hurting so i think my progesterone has dropped too low for it to be a viable pregnancy. Had a very strong positive yesterday and boobs were tender but now no tenderness at all

  • I did two tests three days ago, but I’ve just picked another one up. I still can’t auite believe it so need to see just once more! 

  • SaoirseK I woukdnt read too much into that at the mo. I felt really sick on wednesdah (which I know is too early yet) but fine now. I would give it a few days and test again.

  • Im guessing levels can fluctuate throughout the day too. 

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