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  • Ah I see that's definitely going to re assuring for you, massive fingers crossed for you. It's definitely a worryinh time. I know whatever will be will be but I think it's the not knowing and the long wait even though 7 weeks or so isn't really that long ! 

    I think if Im still worrying in a couple of weeks I may book one. I'm not seeing midwife till 10th jan and by that time I expect I'll get my scan through within a couple weeks of seeing her.


  • Yes I'm in South of England. Here we book in for a midwife between 8-10 weeks then they send info off to the hospital and we get a scan letter in the post. I expect as I'll be nearly 10 weeks when I see midwife I'll get a letter sent out fairly soon but it's still not knowing the date!


  • Hi ladies! So glad to be joining this group! ive been TTC for just over a year now and I have finally got my BFP!!! Ive been having a lot of cramping like period pains but Ive read this is normal? due date calculator says I'm due August 18th! 

    Hope all you ladies are doing okay and im so excited to share this journey with you all xx

  • Hi jade that’s amazing news welcome to the group! 😍 I’ve had a few cramps but they’ve stopped now I just have had terrible back pain for the last 2 weeks 

    im due 5th August! when is everyone going to tell close family etc? I feel horrible keeping this from my mum xxx

  • Hi craly!

    good to know someone else has had the same! Have yours felt like period pains? And I've decided to tell both our parents on Christmas day! Going to get my parents and my partners parents some kind of gift to let them know their gonna be grandprents! It's gonna be so hard keeping it a secret from my mum as I tell her everything but it will be so worth it to see the look on her face! Out thought about how your going to tell yours?xxx

  • Hello ladies congratulations jade. My mum is a midwife and it's killing me not telling her. This is my second pregnancy and I've felt so much more worried this time round with my cramping and back pain. 

    I have booked for an early scan on Friday 21st so my mind can be put at ease over Christmas as I just feel I won't enjoy it otherwise. And if all ok we may tell my parents and my partner's parents after the scan. But no one else. 

    Good luck, I'm so glad i found this chat as it's really nice to speak to people :)


  • Hey girls... I have just found out I am pregnant 3 weeks, so little one will be due in August! I already have a 13 month old son so it’s a bit scary as he won’t even be 2 by the time baba is born! So looking forward to going on this journey with you all and congratulations to all you mummy’s xxxx

  • Also forgot to mention I had been trying since June and it just wasn’t happening so I decided to stop and concentrate on loosing some weight as i lost none from my first pregnancy. Monday night I’m sat with OH thinking I should be due on around now and I’m having no cramps as I normally do before I’m due on. I have ovulation tests in but no pregnancy ones. I remember seeing that if the HCG levels are high enough it can detect pregnancy so I took one and both lines were very dark. But before when I took them to see if I was ovulating they were faint, I though I can’t be ovulating now. So he ran out got a pregnancy test and a faint line appeared! When out the following morning to get a digital clear blue and hey both say pregnant 2-3! So when I was trying it wasn’t happening and when decided to stop i then fall pregnant haha I’m excited but nervous as we don’t have a lot of money and only have a 2 bedroom house and there’s 3 of us already 🙈🙈😍

  • Hi hun my appointment went great! I’m classed as being high rish due to having rheumatoid arthritis ( I’m 26) so all my appointments have to me at hospital rather than through GP! Midwife should be Intouch in a few weeks! It all feels so real now xxx

  • Welcome Jades2409, we're so glad to see you join this thread! 
    And welcome Jessica2227, those tests are fantastic! 
    We're glad your appointment went well Aim19, though sorry to hear about your RA. Lot's of monitoring though which is good. 

  • Hey ladies. Sorry haven’t posted in a while. Been very busy! 

    Just wanted to ask if any one else is having terrible nausea? I haven’t been sick. But no matter how much I eat, drink etc. I feel constantly like I’m going to be sick! It’s great!! 🤢 

    I’ve got no other symptoms anymore besides sore breasts. 

    anyone have any tips that might help? 

  • Oh also. I’m in the south of England. Buckinghamshire area 😊

  • I havent had a positive test yet but im 4 weeks 2 days, Im 2 days late got other symtoms tho :) im gonna wait a few more days to take another test x 

  • do you know you're pregnant if you haven't tested positive yet? A lot of pregnancy symptoms are exactly the same as your period coming. Which symptoms do you have? Fingers crossed for you. 🤞

  • Ive missed my period, at 6 dpo i had major fatiuge cramping moodines, i was cramping til 9 dpo then on an off since and no bleeding, 12 dpo i was feeling really sick, and a missed period, i have never cramped in the middle of a cycle ever, nor have i ever missed a period it always been on time. I know my body and something is definitely off, i only cramp the day of my period is due then i bleed, i cramped 5/6 days before my period which isnt normal for me 

  • Hi Lornylupots. Good luck when you take your test - please do come and let us know, we have everything crossed it's a lovely BFP! 

  • Hi Babybear10 - I bought myself a pair of travel sickness bands from boots. I’ve not had terrible sickness yet but hoped they would pre empt it. Even if it’s only psychosomatic it’s definitely worth a try!

  • Fingers crossed for you lorny!!! 

    So your saying cramping at 6/7/8/9 dpo is a good sign, as I had this, was quite severe felt like early labour pains. I thought I was going to have an early period. But nothing came. 

    Let us know when u test. Might build up my courage to test too!! 

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