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  • I too have had bad nausea but not been sick have killer boobs but mine big anyway so it's bloody awful lol x

  • I felt awful :( i knew something was going on. :) x

  • I still have no other symptoms other than sore boobs and permanently exhausted. I was tired with my last 2 pregnancies, but nothing compared to this, I guess that’s all down to already having 2 kiddies to run around after! Can’t wait fornthe fatigue stage to be over though and can’t decide whether to tell close family at Christmas or not? After previous losses, I’m really apprehensive about telling people?!? Xx

  • Me and my partner have told parents n siblings but I haven't told my kids yet as I have an amazing crimbo pressie they getting for crimbo n guna put it from bump lol 😂 so my 13yr old takes it better .. Yeh I'm shattered too think ur right coz we already have kids we obviously guna be more tired x

  • Yeh I have to start from scratch too altho my friends had a unisex pram I'm guna pinch which is the full lot just needs a new rain cover and a neighbour has a moses basket and stand too pretty sure I have some of the of the cellular blankets too in back of cupboard 

  • You'll have to let us know how your scan goes! I'm so glad I booked it too. I'll be so nervous but I think it'll out our minds at ease either way (trying not to be negative !)

    I have all my 2 year olds baby stuff, so will be perfect if it's a boy! If a girl then I'll have to start again haha x

  • Hey I have no symptoms yet as my last period was the 5th november and only lasted 3 days so I’ve used the calculator and it says I’m 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant but the clear blue test says 2-3? With my first I never knew I was pregnant till 9 weeks and 5 days because i had no symptoms at all, I didn’t even click on when I had no period. So I’m wondering if it will be the same with this one! And I know yeah BABYNUMBER3... just of just caught me as I decided to stop tracking ovulation and caring when to DTD. I’ve got no symptoms so it doesn’t feel real yet. Going to take longer this time as last time I was a lot further on when I found out. And I’m just worrying about having 2 under 2 the double prams and our small 2 bed house. Just told my mum and she isn’t too happy she thinks I should of waited till my little one was a little older as he’s 13 months but I want them close in age! But I seriously can’t wait! Xx 

  • Iv felt so tired and Sick it’s unreal! I remember being tired with my eldest but this is Another level! Has anybody looked into the private scans from six/seven weeks onwards? I don’t think I can wait until 12 weeks to find out if he/she is ok? With my first I was living in turkey so had a scan at 8 weeks 12 weeks feels like forever xxx

  • Yeah I had a scan at 9 weeks private with my first then a gender scan at 16 weeks and another 4d baby scan at 28 weeks and also my hospital ones at 12 and 20 I just couldn’t stop wanting to see him 💜

  • Yeah I had a scan at 9 weeks private with my first then a gender scan at 16 weeks and another 4d baby scan at 28 weeks and also my hospital ones at 12 and 20 I just couldn’t stop wanting to see him 💜imagethat is my 9 week scan 

  • Oh I think I’ll defin book one in then! I just feel like it will reassure me if I get one done xx

  • Jody thanks for the tip! I will buy some bands tomorrow. Getting so fed up of constantly feeling sick! Especially as I drive all day, roundabout are killing me! Haha. 

    We debated about getting a private scan, we have no clinics near us that do it. So I will patiently wait till 12 weeks. It feels like forever away though! 

  • Ah that's such a clear picture at 9 weeks! I'll be 7 weeks when I have mine. So nervous, I don't think I want to even look at the screen until they tell me to! 


  • I’m sure too she wasnt happy about my first but now she adores him! We’ve never been to close so I don’t expect anything different! its my life can do what i want :) and I know there so clear! I’m dying for a scan now to confirm it but can’t afford and it’s to early 😫😫 xx

  • Hi ladies, just wondering how many weeks people are and what symptoms they're getting? Also have you told anyone?

    this will be my first and I'm dying to tell my mum but I'm waiting till Christmas to surprise her with a present, also symptoms for me are just sore nipples and I keep getting period like pains, they are slowly easing off now tho so hopefully they stop.

    im really excited but at the same time scared incase anything happens, Im 4 weeks and 5 days according to my midwife and BabyCentre app. I keep watching videos at what stage the baby's at now and it's all so scary. I just really want him/her to be okay and healthy. I worry too much 😂 

  • Hi Jade, you sound exactly like me 😂 I’m such a worrie!

    I’m 5 weeks 7 days, got really sore boobs and dull period like aches.

    This will be our first and we haven’t told anyone yet either. Doubt we will be able to wait until the 12 weeks so will likely tell our parents over Christmas.

    Had you been trying for long? 

  • Hi jade I am apparently 4 weeks and 3 days and I have no symptoms at all. But I never had any symptoms with my first child and then I found out with him at 9 weeks cause my boobs hurt I didn’t even click on about the missed period! It’ might be the same for me with my second! It’s  sooo exciting but scary at the same time! I tell family and close friends because I just can’t keep it in, I would love to share it with the world but I don’t until I reach 12 week mark! I did have really bad heart burn in the night don’t know if that could be a symptom but I’ve gone nothing as of yet just the BFP xxx 

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