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Son deaf in one ear since birth. Any impact as they grow up?

my son is 20 months old and has been deaf in one ear since birth. 

I have never really worried as the doctors say as long as his overall hearin is fine, there shouldnt b a problem. Hes seeing colsultant to see if this is genetic And to see what the best course of action is. A hearing aid wont work as there is nothing to enhance.

in my mind he responds well when we call him, he can communicate with us what he wants. His speech isnt clear, but i have nothing to compare this to as hes my first. Is speech meant to be clear at 20months? Should they be stringing sentences together?

any advice would be greatly appreciated 


  • No experience personally but I know some people who have had amazing support from the national deaf children’s society helpline. They answer all sorts of questions

    Best of luck x

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