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Faint positive or evap line 🤔

I know that this gets asked a lot and that I will just have to wait to know for sure but I’m super impatient so thought I’d see what some of you ladies think...anybody have any experience...? I’ll try and be brief(ish) haha

So I am breastfeeding my son and he was born October 2017 and once I stopped the initial after birth bleeding I haven’t had any bleeding until September 2018 when I had a day of light spotting, followed by a full period in October and November (30 Day cycle, 7 day bleed).

Now hubby and I are TTC as we would like the children close together and decided that once my cycles returned we would TTC. So yesterday, cycle day 16, I did this test (photo)...I know it’s too early but like I said I’m not the most patient haha, I don’t know why I did it I just had some in the drawer and thought I would 😂🙈. So I wasn’t really expecting it to be possitive, I saw that dark negative line and went to take it to the bin when I saw this second line start to appear, it was immediate, I mean I literally POAS, flushed and washed my hands, and by time I got to the bathroom door it was appearing. It had some colour but it was faint.

So I went on google to get the maths sorted, if implantation occurs 6-8 days after doing the deed, and a sensitive test can pick up on a positive 3-4 days after implantation then theoretically the maths does add up if I concieved on cycle day 7, 6 days later implantation on cycle day 13 and then I did the test 3 days later on cycle day 16. But this would mean i ovulated While still bleeding during first 7 days ??? Is that even possible? Does that happen..?

So I decided, for good measure, to do another test...or 4. A couple yesterday and a couple today, one using first urine of the day. All negative. I watched them for AGES to be certain. Definitely negative.

So is it possible this is an evaporation line? Or could it possibly be a very early positive but just so early that the other tests didn’t pick up on it? All were the same internet cheapies so not mixed brands etc.

It’s driving me a bit crazy now thinking about it and calculating Dates and it possible? I want to be excited but I don’t want to be excited if you know what I mean. Thankfully  have no more tests left in the house and I won’t be buying one until I am officially late to avoid temptation, but I think this may be the longest 2 weeks of my life!

What are your thoughts? Am I just being totally daft? It really looked positive to me 🤔 Due AF on Christmas Day...xxximage


  • I can certainly see the line and it looks pink Aswel 🧐🙊 I would try and wait until AF is closer and retest 😁 keep me updated! X

  • Looks positive. I got this with an IC and got a result from clear blue digital :)  congrats! X

  • Thank you i will do! I am practically sitting on my hands to stop myself ordering a new batch of cheapies from eBay 😂😂. I will update on 2 weeks, hopefully with good news 🤞

  • Long awaited update:

    I couldn’t manage a 2 week wait so I did end up doing another 2 tests after this post (like 3 days ago) but I think I was dismissing them too quickly like as soon as the control line came up. So lots of negatives.

    Yesterday (Christmas eve) I woke up at around 5:30am sick, so after spending most of the day feeling rubbish I called the doctor at 1pm as I was getting chest pains when I lay down and feeling short of breath.

    Turns out I have gastroenteritis (for which I was given some anti sickness tablets thank god! Though they taste awful) and an infection (so on antibiotics). While running tests for the infection the doctor did a pregnancy test too.

    He got to the point I usually give up and said that it was unlikely to be positive but that they cannot “confirm” a negative until 5 minutes has passed. That’s news to me! So we sat and sorted out prescriptions etc then he picked up the test, and you could sort of see he was like “do I have line eyes?” haha but there was definitely a line. We sat looking at it for a good 5 minutes 😂. Definitely a line. Faint but then I’d only have been due AF today so it would be right? Sooo yeah the doctor was pretty happy that that was a positive and sat telling me to get folic acid and book in with the midwife in the new year etc. 

    And he doesn’t think my illness is at all linked to the baby just a coincidence. But I feel lousy so I really hope that this isn’t a “start as you mean to go on” thing for this pregnancy 😔. 

    Anyway, thank you for keeping me a bit sane the other night, I needed a second opinion Incase it was me seeing things 😂😂. Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a lovely day (we have reallocated it to tomorrow in our house on account of all the vomiting - DH and youngest have gastroenteritis too the curse of a small house and large family one person gets sick everybody gets sick - so no gifts are wrapped or anything 🙈🙈) x

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    Incase anybody reads this in the future maybe in the same situation I was in...the doctor actually gave me a spare test to take home and do again in 2 weeks...running theme here I didn’t make it 2 weeks 😂🙈 is I did it this afternoon (not first pee of the day) and the line was instant and undeniable so I’m definitely certain now. See photo (also it kind of looks like the doctors use the internet cheapies haha - I’m sure they are the same 🧐).

    It’s crazy to me to think how early I got that positive that day though. 

  • Congratulations- all the best with your little one.

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