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I'm so confused and hope there is some hope

Got a positive test on 16nov. I went doctors and my hug level was only 60, 2 days later went to 115 then 10days later went to 784, that's when I had a scan. My sac was 4×4×3mm and they couldn't see anything told me to come back in 10 days, still nothing in the sac and it was 6×7×9mm and told me to come back in 10 days again I had bloods do and they come back at 1008hcg and I started bleeding on sunday, and was clotting but it was just clots that turned to blood, I went to my scan Friday after the 10 days to be told I'm pregnant with twins and 1 sac is disintegrating and was measuring 6×6×6mm and then the other was still a black hole now measuring at 10mm×8mm×9mm and said that it was a failed twin pregnancy and I'm in the process of misscarriging. I then stopped bleeding the following day and when I wiped it was dark brown blood got that twice on a tissue and had nothing since not experienced any pains at all thought this. Could they have it wrong?? They never said from the start they seen another sac only on Friday they seen it?? Is there anyway a fetus can disintegrate?


  • When was your last scan (date)? How far along are you now? 8 weeks? At 8 weeks they should see the heartbeat already? Was it a tranvaginal scan?

    Yes, your body can absorb small products of conception or they can be removed during spotting.

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