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Hello, sorry for tmi but what could this possibly be?

I had a baby 16 weeks ago, and on Saturday I noticed this when I wiped, I’m not due on my period for another 10 days, but with this I’ve had really bad left abdominal pains with cramps what feel like period cramps but obviously no bleeding, feeling dizzy and sore boobs, my periods have been normal since I had a c section. I feel kinda stupid asking these questions since ive already got 2 children, but I’ve never experienced anything like this.. thankyou! image


  • Have you been using contraception as it could be be an implantation bleed?

  • Nope I haven’t been using any! I’ve had no more bleeding like that just pains every now and then

  • have you tried an early pregnancy test Or do you think u might be pregnant at all?

  • I bloody hope not haha we have tried being careful, i already have a 3 year old and newbornish, haha I am due on according to my period app but it says a date late, so I will take one! 

  • Did u take a test?

  • No my app says 2 days late, I’ve had the flu for the past few days so I’m hoping al the lemsips and paracetamol has delayed it, I’ll gove it till after Boxing Day then do one

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