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This just happened!!!!

After I thought everything was negative even after a blood test on the 10th dec said it was negative, this happened this morning day after my birthday image


  • Oh Lorny!!! Looks good to me. Why don't u try a first response to make sure. When was your last period? 

  • imagetook this a few hours later x

  • Congrats on your bfp x

  • Im in shock x

  • Oh congratulation!!!! Seriously happy for you. X

  • Thank you!! So shocked x 

  • image congrats!!!! that's awesome!

  • Thank you!! 

  • CONGRATS lorny!!

    can u please tell me ur story as to ur negative blood sample but now pregnant cos I’m in a bit of a predicament too 🙈

  • Wawa, well i  not long come off the pill and a few weeks after i had symptoms and all of my tests said negative over a period of 2 weeks so i went to the drs and had the blood test and negative so after that i left it and i boiled it down to coming off the pill and the whole ttc went out of my head, i must of got pregnant just after and had no symptoms just noticed my boobs hurting and my boyfriend after having a hunch  said to me take a test so i did and thats when i got the faint positive, went to town later and got the digital and BFP! So shocked x

  • Lorny that’s fantastic news - I’m sure ur both over the moon! What a lovely surprise for u both xx

    we’ve Been trying for 21cycles now. And this month I’ve fet different. I’ve sore boobs, icky tummy etc etc took a cheap test 24th Dec, faint positive, another one 25th Dec, even stronger positive.... thought that was it! But just to confirm it I went and bought 2 First response tests, a CB digital and Boots digital... all have come back negative!! 

    Mum going outta my mind here! Here’s my “positive” test results 


  • Oh they defo positive, clear blue digital? i did that on mine x 

  • Yep done it too and it came up “Not pregnant” 😭😭😭

    i just don’t understand this!! X

  • Congratulations Lornylupots! We have a lovely Due in September 2019 birth club, right this way if you fancy checking it out...

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