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i have recently found out I am 4 eels pregnant and due on the 7th September with my 3rd!! Over the moon! Is anyone else due in September, thought it would be would be nice to talk to other expecting mums, help each other with questions etc!!



  • Me and I’m also due on the 7th. 

    How have you been feeling? I feel like I have a constant hangover!! 

  • Congratulation!! Aww no way are we due the same day! ohh have you, ive been ok up until yesterday I had major headache all day and was really tired! I’m trying to cut down on coffee too so guess that’s going to take a while to adjust! Is this your first? Xx 

  • This is my first but I did have to have a medical termination about 6 years ago and then had a misscarriage  December last year. Both times I never really felt ill or pregnan. I’m told this time feeling so yucky is a good thing!!! 

    I just want to get the next 2 months over with so I can tell people!! I can not keep a secret to save my life haha. 

    Going to book a private early can for around 8 weeks. 

    What are the sexes of your 2 children hun? 

  • Hi guys, huge congratulations on your pregnancies! We have an official Due in September 2019 thread right here, please come on over, there's loads of women there already, we'd love to have you. 

  • Im due 7th also based on LMP xxx

  • Hi all, I’m due on the 4th September with my 3rd baby x 

  • Hi everyone, please come on over to the Due in September 2019 thread right here.
    We're going to lock this thread so we don't have two chats happening at once, cause that can get really confusing, but please do feel free to start as many threads as you'd like in the Due in September Category you see here. Congratulations again! 

  • Due sept 21st 2 boys and i hope this ones a girl
  • Congratulations @Queenofkings Will you be finding out? 
    Also, we have another Due in September 2019 thread which is super busy - please do find it here

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