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Help with dates

Is anyone good with dates on here!!! I have been trying to work out if  i conceived when i was in disney as thinking of a disney name for baby. I am 17 weeks 6 days today and we was in florida 16th sept for two weeeks. My due date is 8th june. I am presuming it must be sept but what date are we all thinking in.sept. i need some advise from the expert's😊😊 hope your ladies are alll ok xx


  • Hi, im not very good with dates sorry as this is my first, but I just had to say that I am having a Disney baby too! We conceived in Florida at the beginning of October. We know we are having a girl and have chosen a Disney themed name for her too 💖 congratulations, id just say that if you went to Disney after your last period then something will have been happening and that it’s a disney baby 😊 xx

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