PCOS & ovulation

Hey everyone :) I'm new here so I'm sorry for not really knowing a lot.

Basically, I have PCOS & my partner and I are currently trying for a baby. I have been using the app "Flo" thus far it's been *somewhat* accurate. I've been tracking my temperature every day & using ovulation sticks twice a day & recording it and all that.

My question is; I know everyone is different but for those with PCOS & have managed to conceive, can you give me some tips or tell me your stories?

I just seem to be disheartened most days, since I'm 25 & I don't wanna miss the supposed "window" that's all.

Thank you in advance! 😘


  • Hi.

    im also new here so bare with me! 

    I have PCOS.. was diagnosed when I was 16 and I’m currently 32. I have two children!

    when I was 27 I was currently living in Cyprus with my partner and was having very irregular periods, this was always normal for me but this time I was very emotional and struggling to cope. I went to see the doctor and he put me on ‘metformin’ tablets which are mainly used for diabetes but in our case they can be taken to help bring on a period (which I needed just for that relief 🙌🏻). After the course of tablets had finished i had two regular cycles and then they stopped! Obviously having PCOS we are used to this happening so I didn’t think anything of it. One day I went shopping with my friends.. one in which was pregnant at the time and we saw pregnancy tests ‘reduced‘ strange I know! Anyway... we all bought one (including my pregnant friend) just purely to test them out as we all wondered why they were reduced. When I got home I did mine straight away and clear as day infront of my eyes was two strong red lines.. I tried not to get my hopes up as I remembered they was reduced so rushed to a chemist and purchased a clear blue and I was pregnant 2-3 weeks!!!! healthy baby boy (now 5) 9 months later! 

    My second child (now 3) came 18 months after the birth of my son... I fell naturally with her as after My first it brought on regular periods (which is very common). 

    So altogether it was 11 years after I was told I’d struggle (or not have children at all) to actually having my first! I too was so upset every month it didn’t happen for me and I sure as hell didn’t imagine I’d go on too have two.. I have known so many people in my life with PCOS and all have fell pregnant and gone on to have healthy babies. You are still young, but if your worried then go see your doctor and ask about ‘metformin’ tablets and see what he/she suggests. I will say that ‘stress’ plays a big part in irregular periods, especially for those like us with PCOS so try not to get to disheartened if it doesn’t happen every month.. just eat healthy and be active and one day you may get that ‘big fat positive’. 

    Good luck and please keep us updated. 

    Jade xx 

  • Hi Jade, 

    Thank you very much for your reply, I'm so happy for you that you were able to have 2 children 😁 I forgot to mention that I'm on metformin currently too (500mg) but it's a difficult one because (silly me forgot to mention again) I have epilepsy, so it's being careful with what I'm taking. I'm on 5mg folic acid due to me needing a lot more than others as I am on 2 types of AED's. But I'm currently waiting for an appointment to see a nurse that specialises in women with epilepsy and pregnancy.

    All in all, I know it's not gonna happen over night (I wish 😂) & I'm trying my utmost best not to stress about it because I don't want it to stress my partner out too.

    I think as stereotypical as it sounds; we could do with a weekend/week away from it all, relax and see if that helps 😂

    Sorry for rambling on and I really really do appreciate your message 😊 & I hope you and your family are well 

    Cody xx

  • Hi Cody! 

    I’m sorry about your epilepsy, I can’t say I know much about it but if they have put you on metformin then that’s definitely a great start... most of the women I have known with PCOS have fell either naturally or taking metformin... let your body go through some cycles then fingers crossed it will happen for you! 🤞🏻. 

    A weekend/week away sounds like a lovely idea... who knows, a bit of relaxation and some quality time with your partner may be just what you need 😉... in more ways than one! 

    I know that hearing other people’s stories helps keeping you positive, it did me 100%. I wish I could give you more of a definite answer but what I can say is... NEVER give up hope and I do believe this will happen for you. When it does it will be worth the wait!!!

    My fingers will remain crossed for you and I’d like to know If/WHEN you get your exciting news so please do keep me informed!! 😊🤞🏻

    Jade xx  

  • Hi Jade 😊

    I've been looking into it and yeah, Metformin is a good kick starter, as well as Clomid. I went to the GP the other day and he gave me the whole this and that, but he mentioned if all else fails then it'd be IUI or IVF, but hopefully we won't have to go through all that. But if we do, then we do. Everythint happens for a reason 😊

    & I'm gonna talk to my partner about some time away to ourselves 😉😂 

    Don't feel bad that you can't give me a definitive answer, even if PCOS didn't exist, still, pregnancy in itself isn't set in stone is it? 🤔

    I'll definitely keep you informed hun 😊 thank you so much 😚

    Cody xx

  • Hi Cody, 

    Everything does happen for a reason, I agree! But I’m almost certain it won’t come to IVF etc... I was told that myself also. I know where all different but I believe with PCOS if you eat right and be as healthy as you can be.. we have just as much chance as any 😊.

    You appear to have a got attitude and a good outlook on life and that’s a great positive thing.

    I will be looking forward to your exciting update!! 

    Have a lovely time away with your partner.

    jade xx  

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