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How are you? is everything ok?

Kerry xxxx


  • Hi Kerry
    Things not going very well. Can't remember when I last updated you, but I went for scan and internal scan on Thursday last week and they couldn't see very much so had to have bloods taken and then again 48hrs later. Results took bloody ages to come back and when the nurse rang me she couldn't even find the Thursday result to compare with the Saturday result. Eventually a doctor rang me and said that the blood levels had gone up (He didn't give me the exact levels) which was good, and he booked me in for another scan on Christmas eve.
    On Tuesday I decided to call the hospital again because I really didn't feel happy about everything and I spoke to a nurse who told me that the levels had gone up but only by 1000 which wasn't very much at all. She said from her experience I have probably had a missed miscarrige. I'm so gutted and confused. I just can't understand why the doctor I spoke to on Saturday reassured me that eveything was fine. Now I still have to go for the scan on Xmas eve and I'm dreading it, even though we are 99% sure of the result, it's certainly going to put a dampener on Christmas. Although I'm so upset about the impending news on Monday I really just hope that they give us a definite answer and don't make me go through more blood tests and scans, I don't think I can stand much more as it feels like it has been going on forever!
    And now I'm so scared that once we have had the news, what will happen next?
    I feel so cheated, one week of happiness and joy and then 4 weeks of real sadness and worry, can't believe this is happening over a time when everyone is full of festive spirit it just makes the pain of it so much more intense. Will let you know what happens following the scan on the 24th. xxx
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