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Sleeping on your back

Another thing worrying me was that I heard once Not sure from where, that when you get bigger, that you should try to sleep on your side rather than on your back???? Does sleeping on your back do something to your insides from the weight of the baby??
All these questions, but hopefully some one will know!!!



  • Hi. I was just reading about this in my pregnancy book. It says you shouldn't sleep on your back as "it rests the entire weight of your pregnant uterus on your back, intestines & 2 major blood vessels. This can aggravate backaches and hemorrhoids, make digestion less efficient, intefere with breathing and possily cause hypotension or low blood pressure". Which all sounds a bit dramatic, but probably best to avoid if it you can. A lot of people have recommended pregnancy pillows on here (to use when sleeping on your side) - I certainly find it's helping now I'm getting bigger.

    Hope that helps...

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  • thanks MrsGG, that helps alot!!
  • when i sleep on my back i get terrible nightmares and pg strange dreams so i avoid it get a pillow and try to sleep more on your left side than on your right an it is better for circulation
  • i find it impossible not to sleep on my back i go to sleep on my side then wake on my back and when i do wake on my back i cant move and have to get hubby to help me up so i wudnt advise it lol
  • Last time I was pregnant I found it really hard to sleep on my back (an normally I sleep on my back all the time). I couldn't breath very well and it gave me terrible heartburn.
  • i always end up on my back or stomach but that so weird what mrsgg said i have really low blood presure,hemorroids and heartburn! so ill be trying to stay on my side from now! hayley xxx
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