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Blood test for OC...

Today I had my 25 week appointment (with a doctor, not midwife...not sure why) and when she asked if I had unusual symptoms I said I had been itching quite a bit and she got a nurse to do a blood test for OC...obstetric cholastasis (spelling?). I don't even know what it is exactly, she said something to do with liver function. Has anyone had it? Does it cause any problems - I'm a bit worried now! The results will be back on Friday.

Argh I'd forgotten how much needles hurt lol. Plus my bp was up a bit again (111/81...though she wasn't worried) and the stupid nurse said 'How many weeks now?' and when I said 'Fifteen', she looked at me like I was mad! Damn big baby bump! :x


  • Hi Tiger Lily,
    Sorry if im been dense and this has nothing to do with testing for OC, but u sed u went for your 25wk appt, but told the mw u were 15wks, im confused help! Not that it matters anyway was just been nosey. Kerry xxx

  • I have my 22 week appointment with doc rather than mw, I think it depends on your health board how the care is delivered and is not indicative of any concerns they have. x
  • OC is a rare condition to do with the liver It makes too much of something (can't remember what) which crystalises on your skin and makes you itch. Probably no need to worry though because its very rare and lot's of pregnant ladies get increased itching when pregnant I got sick of seeing my sister scratching her belly later in pregnancy. My unusual symptom whilst being pregnant is a snotty stuffy nose all the way through so far. Haven't really been able to make my mind up whether i have had cold or not sometimes its been worse than others. Will try to find out more for you.
  • Kerry, I think she said 'How many weeks' as in a 'how many weeks left?' way, that's how I took it anyway! lol

    Hopefully she took it in the sense you did and thought I meant I was 15 wks preg...phew...maybe I don't look that fat after all x
  • Obstetric cholestasis

    This is what the book says that I have got.

    Although itching is very common in normal pregnancy severe generalised itching, without a rash, particularly in the last four months may be the only sign of OC. This is a potentially dangerous liver disorder which seems to run in families although it can occur without any family history it can lead to premature labour, still birth and other problems with the babies health.

    It also says that is very is very rare and most people don't have it when tested. They just have severe itching.

    good luck for friday.
  • Ha ha ha tiger lily, sorry i was just been curious. Kerry xxx
  • Thank you for the advice Emma...
    I know they tend to induce you early, about 37 weeks. I guess thats one upside...I didn't think she'd even do the test, cos it's not severe, and mainly on my stomach & boobs which I thought was normal? Ah well better safe than sorry x
  • Sounds like It's better safe than sorry to me too I would try not to worry too much.
  • Hi

    Sounds like you have the same as what my friend has, she has a severe rash on her boobs which has moved to her belly. Cant help you what it is tho as she is still getting tested & waiting to here, doesnt sound nice tho hope it clears up for you soon x
  • iv just been tested for oc too, i have itching on my legs and feet but with no rash, and also the symptoms are itching but mainly at night,promblems sleeping,tiredness,and just feeling unwell, which i have all of these!

    i know that if you do have it,you have to have your babys heart monited once a day! and are given vitiman k and sometimes a small dose of steriods

    you have to be induced or casereon between 35-37 weeks otherwise theres more chance of having a stillborn.

    i get my results back befer monday,im soo worried!! hope u get good results! xxx
    my docs also told me that if theve tested me to early sometimes, it doesent come up on the results and if you still ahve your itching you will have to have another blood test 2 weeks later! xxxx
  • Oh thanks Hayley - hope ur clear as well, sure it is nothing!
    I haven't been unwell or tired, apart from having a runny nose which is just winter I think! The itching doesn't disturb my sleep or anything...tbh I will be surprised if it is OC cos I thought it was just stretchmarks coming up as I have noticed some (grrrr) on boobs & belly.
  • let me know how it goes hun! xx
  • Phoned for the results today, & they're clear! I thought so x
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