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just wondering....

do any of you guys suffer from frequent really smelly farts? often loud? im 36+3 and OMG its vile! am too embarrassed to ask mw and my dear darling OH finds it hysterically funny cos sometimes I cant hold it in. its kinda funny (in a childish, toilet humour way) at home, but if it happens in public....
am going to hide under a rock until baby turns up I think cos am sooo embarassed!


  • Hey Angelbabe,

    lol I think it comes with the territory. Unfortunately I am now the worst farter in the world my hubby also finds it incredibly funny but I think he is upset that I can out fart him.

    Sadly I don't have any miracle cure but hopefully it should stop once we have had bubbys

  • LOL....Giggling while reading this ladies......

    I have made myself gag with my wind!!!! My OH looks at me in disgust!!! It worse after sunday lunch!!!

    I must admit I suffer from bad wind normally anyway as I have digestive problems but they never used to smell (honest!!)

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • ha ha ha.....I am exactly the same, not only are they really smelly but they are also sooooo loud!!!!!!

    I have IBS so I tend to be windy anyway but it's so mych worse at the moment, my 4 year old thinks its hilarious and gets the giggles when I do one!!!!

    Blimey could you imagine what it would be like if we were all in one room together!!!!!!! No-one would be lighting any matches near us, lol...
  • hey im only 18 weeks and i got more gas than the british gas co do, and its the most enbarrassing thing especially if im wearing something loose and i just look like a fat gas pumping women. serious. but its all worth it, just hope it dont get worse, i still got 22 weeks to go. lol
  • Its a mare isn't it! Mine are more the silent and deadly type, maybe the loud ones will come later as I'm only 15 + 3 weeks. I'm normally pretty windy but I've been pregnant my own farts make me gag as they smell so bad!LOL! Hubby is disgusted! About time I got my own back! xx
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