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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5



  • Lou please don't worry. At 14 weeks u will only notice the odd flutter and no regular movements as it's way too early for u to feel every kick and flutter as baby is only around 46g so the size of a choccy bar and surrounded by a lot of fluid that will cushion these movements. U should however start to feel proper movements from 18 weeks so at this moment I would t stress too much. If all was ok on 12 weeks scan and u have no bleeding then baby will more than likey be ok and u will probably find that as u are active in the day the baby will sleep and ur movements will rock it. He/she is possible more active whilst u are sleeping but again u will barely feel there at 14 weeks. Xx

  • Hi Lou, I thought my baby had regular movements at 14 weeks but there were a few occasions where I would go almost a week with nothing. Please try not to worry my lovely xxx

  • Good luck Lou! I’m sure the baby is just having a lazy day but you’re doing the right thing in getting checked 

  • Honey, how are you getting on? Not long now.xx. 

  • Well I have a scan booked for 5th February so just got to wait now but it's next Tuesday so it will go quickly as I am quite busy this week 

  • Hi Emj3 was wonderful seeing your scan went well. Will be thinking of you through these early days as I know how tough they can be.

    Just over 2 weeks left. Very uncomfortable, Braxton Hicks galore. Hoping baby might decide to come after this weekend xx


  • Hopefully baby will start fluttering away Lou and put your mind at rest!xxx

  • Aww thanks honey- the whole thing is just so nerve wracking isn’t it!!

    2 weeks to go so any time really! So exciting. It’s hard towards the end! Can’t wait to see pics of the

  • Well I am certainly sure everything is okay back to normal fluttering felt baby in the evening last night whilst watching cold feet and eastenders obviously have just been to busy or to stressed but so pleased anyway best go school run this morning. Hope everyone has a good day. An honeybeemummy good luck could be any day now look forward to hearing your lovely news xxx

  • Glad your little bean is fluttering around Lou :) I was 14 weeks when we felt oscar!

    I'm in for a scan this morning as I had reduced movements yesterday. Hopefully will be induced as I'm due friday. 

    Have a good day all x

  • Emj3, I remember having a complete panic attack at my 12 week scan (which turned out I was 13 weeks) I just couldn't cope with the idea they could tell me it was over again

     Even though I had had three scans before hand and had seen heart beating. I had private scans every two-three weeks as well as NHS ones, however it wasn't until after about 30 weeks when the movements get very strong and regular that I began to relax. So I completely get you Hun. It's terrifying but I had to remember that no amount of worrying could change the outcome. Sending you so much love Hun. Good luck. I'm here if you need me.

    Ladies I feel like I'm out of the loop abit, whose who and how are you getting on with your journeys?

    I'm beyond uncomfortable now but can see the finish line and looking forward to bringing little man home xxx


  • Sorry Ive been quiet been so busy since going back to work After the Christmas break! 

    ive Got another scan tomorrow as I had yet more bleeding on Friday while with my midwife.. but I feel so poorly from the moment I wake to when I go to sleep I feel so so sick, i feel better after eating for about half hour then I feel sick again! 

    How are you all doing!xx 

  • Claudsanch I hope your ok!! 

    I'm being induced tomorrow!! I'm going to be a mummy soon 🙈🙈🙈 im scared & can't believe it. Tomorrow will also be a year ago I found out my little boy had passed.. xx

  • That’s so bitter sweet steffy but I’m sure he’s looking down on you, sending you the gift of a new baby. Good luck with the induction. It can be long so be prepared but everyone’s so different. 

    Are things better with you, your family and your man???xxxx

  • I really hope everything is okay Cluadsanch 🙏🙏🤞🤞🤞🤞for the scan xx

    Good luck steffyjane hope all goes well xx

  • Claudsanch, fingers crossed everything’s ok. The sick feeling is a really good

  • eeeeek steffy I cant believe Oscar will be here so soon I can’t wait to hear of his arrival will be thinking of you all day 

    claudsanch hope scan goes well will be thinking of you like others have said the feeling very sick is a good sign xx

  • imageHey ladies I’ve been trying to post her pix for weeks and it does not seem to want to hopefully this works. Catching up a little with the lastest post steffy good luck with induction it’s a long process or at least it was for me. Honey not long for you 2 weeks how exciting. Congratulations to all the recent pregnancy best wishes for the weeks ahead. 

  • Congrats Dee2Dee she's gorgeous! We have the onesies that match that hat - they're some of my faves!

    Steffy good luck! Hopefully Oscar will be here very soon!

  • Dee2dee she’s beautiful :) so glad all is going well with you both xxx

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