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big bum, need bigger maternity size ??HELP!

hi i am so depressed and trying to just think of the baby and not my size (but im only human!).

i am normally a size 10, so have been wearing size 10 maternity clothes, mostly jeans. anyway recently they feel very tight around hips and bum and ive had to get size 12 maternity stuff.

do you think this is normal, or a sign i am putting on too much weight? i am almost 28 weeks and know this is when my bump will get much much bigger so im worried.

i tried googling about it and as far as i can see your hips widen, meaning your bum can get wider, so maybe its that,.

im definitely eating a lot of rubbish and as much as i try i really cant help it. every day i say im not going to snack on rubbish and i do! ive put on 2 stone so far (i put on 3stone in total last time and lost it easily but i had such a small bump last time and am bigger this time, altho id say my bum was big last time too, so maybe thats just the way my body goes when im preg?).

do you think it would be safe to diet (sort of) but still eat healthily?does anyone have any tips on willpower??and how i can make myself cut down? then at least i will know if i still put on loads its just the baby and not cause im over-eating?

normally i can eat anything and dont put on any weight, so its really hard to tell if i am adding unecessary weight or not. and i am at home all day and have bad pelvis pain so find it hard moving about so excerise dvd has been abandoned!

help help help!;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • some maternity clothes fit diff hun. dont worry x

  • I would take a guess that if your not prone to weight gain you shouldn't worry. This is my 1st pregnancy so not the best person to give advice but that what I think. Its properbly just your body changing shape. xxx
  • I won't worry too much, as titchrules say all maternity clothes are different. I am normally I size 14 but I have maternity clothes in sizes 14, 16 and 18 depending on where I have bought them from. AS for dieting I don't think this is a good idea but you can cut down of the amount of crap food you are eating and try having fruit and veg ready prepared so that if you are hungry you can nibble on them. I know its hard, I can't stop eating biscuits at the moment!!!
  • I wouldnt diet hun! i know you might be worried but you can always shift it after wards! a perk of pregnancy is you dont have to explain your weight at at a size 12 your still slim! try increasing fruit veg and water - and wholemeal pastas, breads and rice but still eat to you hearts content! they are slow release foods so it means for fuller for longer! xx
  • thanks everyone, we went to asda this morning and got loads and loads of fruit and veg (which i do normally eat lots of anyway) but i am going to cut it all up and make a big bowl of fruit salad that i can just nibble at thru the day. dont get me wrong im sure ill stil have the odd crisps and choc, but at least if the fruits just as easy to eat and already prepared im sure thatll help.

    im just so sick of people commenting on how much bigger i am this time!;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • i'm still doing slimming world, they work with midwifes, infact some groups have been set up in maternity wards, but TBH the easiest thing is to eat the right thing, fruit, veg, lean meats, pasta, rice, potatoes. Trust me I know it's difficult, but it helps the baby as well as you. junk food is very tempting, I pick one bad thing a week, and try to eat healthy the rest of the time, Last week I wanted garlic bread, this week it's stuffed jalanenos, and I can't find them, I think they do them in sainsburys, but they do them with Pizza takeways, so I'm eating good till friday when I go to my mates house and indulging then LOL!
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