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  • jadeelx I am about the same 

    I have tonnes of newborn babygrows to go underneath the 3 sleepsuits but also have about 4 newborn outfits rather than baby grows too because they were cute and on sale! 

    Then have a few more up to one month and a whole load more 0-3 month. 

    I’m guessing friends and family will want to buy us some when they know gender after she’s born as well. 

    Just don’t want to stock up too much on the wrong size so decided not to buy any more now but pick some up from asda or wherever whenever we need to 

  • Oh and last night someone said I looked fat and not pregnant! Haha

  • Ah ok that makes sense MrsBeel. and yes to buying more if needed once baby is here!

    oh god what a thing to say, what is wrong with people?!? 🙈

  • Hey glad everything is going as smooth as it can be at this stage. I had a midwife app on Thursday and measurements are just off top line of chart so we might be expecting a big baby. Not sure how accurate it is though.

    Oh mrsbeel my sister in law said that to me too last week I was so offended lol

    As for baba clothes we have took the newborn box from the attic but I haven't had time to go through it yet. If we have another boy then we have loads for newborn if it's a girl I think we have a handful of neutral until we buy girly things 


  • Campbello - I was measuring 3/4 weeks above the line with the midwife but my scan Thursday  put her between the 50th and 90th percentile so it may be good for tracking growth rate but not so good at being accurate! Having said that she was 6lb 2oz at 35+2 so if I go to due date at half a pound a week gain ... oh dear ok crossing my legs!

  • Hi Ladies,

    ive also go growth scans from now until the little one is here, my belly measured just abo the 90th percentile but I had a growth scan at 28 weeks and baby was measuring between the 50th and 90th, we went to the 32 week scan and he’s now measuring just above at 4lbs 7! So we seen the consultant who felt around and said ‘yep, he’s not a small baby’ 😂 but she has me booked in again at 36 weeks and if hes still above the line at the rate he was then it’ll be induced on my due date if I don’t go before and if he rockets up even more then it’ll be talks about early inducing or c section I believe! 

    Baby is happy and healthy in there though and that’s all that matters to me! It did freak me out a little when they said I needed to be seen! 

    as for clothes I literally have a bag on newborn that Is brand new that my friends little boy didn’t fit in because he was so long! But everything I’ve got myself is up to 1 month and then all 0-3 1-3 months! I have 3 new white newborn sleep suits I bought in my hospital bag just in case but also have 3 up to a month as well! i figure if he comes out early or weighing less than predicted then I’ll send my other half out to get some smaller ones in! But from my growth scan I doubt he will be 😂

    Lauren 32+1 

  • Hello everyone, 

    I havent posted in ages been really stressed out with seeing specialists etc cos babies brain has more fluid on one side but all seems like it will be ok. 

    i havent read too far back but congratulations Alf what a beautiful baby can’t believe one of us has given birth already! 

    Lauren I wouldnt worry too much, i have to have growth scans too and at 32 weeks they measured him at 5.9pounds... and that was a consultant doing the scan, he wasnt worried at all just said he’d be a big baby... also apparently they can be r ally inaccurate. Mustve been nice to see baba tho ! even tho they look like aliens at this stage. 

    Hope everyone is doing well march is fast approaching!

  • Hi Everyone, 

    Looking for some advice but it’s not on the nicest topic! Anybody got any suggestions on what can be done to help or know anything that we can take to help going to the toilet? I tried my pharmacy today and would give me anything, same one was funny before when the midwife asked me to take aspirin and I couldn’t get through to the doctors but I’m in so much pain 🙈 sorry to ask such a question just past a point now lol 


  • hi hannah 

    i think you can get something prescribed in bad situations but they prefer diet changes when you’re pregnant. Fibogel so something like that is a fibre drink powder that my sister in law had which helped her  

    i drink a smoothie every morning and 2 glasses of apple juice a day. Plus I’ve been taking dates as they’re supposed to help labour but have a side affect of helping with loo trips, plus at least 1 apple of orange. That’s mostly kept me going even with some high dose iron tablets...

    i was also advised to go literally AS SOON AS I feel the need, not to wait till later so your body learns to go, leaning forward with feet on top toes is supposed to help although my bump prevents that!!!

  • 3pagpiez - I just read they say up to 15% off actual weight... I’m hoping for that too!!!

  • MrsBeel thank you will give that a go x

  • Nice to hear from you 3magpiez & glad they are looking after you and baby

    Hannah prune juice helps me, a glass usually gets things going. I’m on iron tablets so have to have a stash of juice in the fridge and I also drink a lot of orange juice although I’m still not as regular as I need to be 🙈 so grim this lol xx

  • Hey ladies! Soooo...

    Had my growth scan today, and after being concerned at 33 weeks, baby has had a right growth spurt, and is now estimated at 7lb. I'm only 36+2 and my son was born 7lb 11oz at 40+5  😯 they were initially going to test for GD but consultant doesn't think it's necessary as I don't fit any of the criteria and she fully believes it's purely given the height of myself and my husband (he's stocky and 6ft 3, and I'm 5ft 11) sooo, boo for my vagina at an estimated 9/10lb baby 🙄😂

    However, I have been booked for induction at bang on 40 weeks, yay. So 24th February woohoo. To clarify, my induction is because of my back problems, they agreed to not let me go over this time because of the pain I was in last time and the pain I'm already on with my sciatica 


  • Oh chez that’s such good news, how exciting!!! I bet you’ll go earlier than 40 weeks I have a feeling 🙊 but that’s amazing they’ve given you the date so you know the end is in sight! Happy for you 🥰

    Im feeling so uncomfortable latley im really starting to notice the strain on my body this baby is giving me 😩  I’ve been having a stitch like pain on the left side of bump it’s jot constant though, maybe it’s baby digging her foot or something 😩


  • How’s everyone doing today?

  • image

    Hi all 

    little update from Oscar

    still in hospital as he is still quite diddy and now 35 weeks old. He is just learning to latch for breast feeding so he can come home ... I hope he is a fast learner. 

    He spiked a temperature the other night so having to have lots of blood tests and lumbar puncture to rule out any nasty infections and on precautionary antibiotics. Doctors don’t seem too worried and hoping his temperature is just a little virus which will clear.

    Keep those legs crossed ladies as long as you can!


  • Oh Alf he is absolutely gorgeous. Sounds like your really going through it though with him, but he looks and it sounds like he is a fighter. Fingers crossed for you that he latches quick and you get Mr Oscar home very soon 

    Take care and hope all the tests come back clear 

    Hannah xxx

  • Amanda - Oscar is a stunner!!! Hope it wont Be long till you all go home x

  • Alf Oscar is amazing, wishing you all the best! I hope Oscar latches on quickly, it’s no easy task even for a term baby so no pressure. Lots of skin to skin cuddles and I’m sure it will happen when he’s ready xx

  • Hey ladies slrry haven’t been on in a week not been feeling to great. midwife today he’s still transverse so got two weeks for him to change otherwise ill be in hospital from 37 weeks and f Section what I really don’t want and don’t want the EVC to try and move him either so got everything crossed he turns I have a feeling he’ll do it last minute. Walking is causing me to contract and have got to havr blood tests for my itchyness but apart from that Im ok just feeling abit moody in general.

    aw oscars looks great and well I’m so pleased he’s thriving hopefully not long till you can take him home  

    chez that’s exciting that you got a date ekk 

    jade oh no hope the stich isent too bad and she moves for you 

    magpiez glad your doing well 


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