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Not sure what’s goin on, positive tests and now period like bleeding

hi everyone ,me and my fiancé have ttc for awhile but couldn’t figure out why it just wasn’t happening.At first I was only going off my flo app and trying to time ovulation off of there but I realized it wasn’t working.Last month we tried using ovulation test strips instead an had sex everyday the line was light pink to red using Pre-seed to help. On Thursday the 31st I didn’t get my period like I was suppose to I took a pregnancy test an the line was very very faint.We were so excited.I still didn’t have a period on the 1st I took another pregnancy test an it was still faint but darker than the previous day .Yesterday I tried to take another test an I didn’t see a line any more I also started lightly bleeding. I was hoping maybe it was implanting  but today it seems heavier like a period .Im not really having cramps or blood clots at all I’m so confused .Can someone help?


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