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  • Its always nice when it does work out, my oh's boss and his wife fell pregnant when they were 17 after only having had sex once and are still together 22 years later, and very happy.
    I know I gave a negative view and am more than happy to be proved wrong, bring on the happy stories!!! Also I'm due today so please keep fingers crossed that lo arrives soon.
  • oooooooooooo, lots of luck hun!!!!!! image
  • fingers crossed for MumDonna too XX
  • Good luck MumDonna, hope today is the day for you.

    I also am now married to a fantastic man who is absolutely wonderful with my daughter. They are really close and she adores him. Our baby is due in July.

    Being single when you have a baby certainly does not mean you'll be single forever. Again let us know what you decide.

  • Jo

    Can't really say anything else I guess, but reading between the lines - 'should be a happy time' etc I have to say it feels as though you would really like this baby - along with the fact that you had unprotected sex etc so I would personally say go for it if this is what you want to do.

    It may help to visualise the scenarios - the first one being obvious, being with this man (50 years old - is he sure, acting like a 15 year old and his mum acting as his puppeteer?) and having the baby, secondly, having the baby and being single, terminating the pregnancy and living with the consequences either with or without him.

    I think you very much have to make the decision on your own and not involve family or even this man to a degree as it is you who has to deal with the aftermath whether that be a baby or a termination.

    I was a single parent for many years and found it tiring but more than doable. I had no financial support and their dad did not see them at all, so completely on my own. Those days were some of the best I've had as a parent. Not saying it's easy, but the joys are just the same.

    Lots of luck to you

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