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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Oh sas I got one and did it....nothing :( I just don’t understand why I have so many symptoms :( but nevermind, my Fitbit app says I’m due in 4 days so we shall see xxx

  • Hi ladies. I’m gonna upload a pic (sorry I forgot it so too much info but im curious what u think. It’s been a full week now of this on and off (more on than off tho to be honest) bleeding here’s what it looks like this eve: imageI have a fettility app next Thursday but wondered should I call for a quicker app woth my GP instead! 

  • Omg the typos in that last post! Sorry it was meant to say “sorry if too much information” 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Genabella I don’t really know what it could be as it doesn’t look like it’s just old blood needing to come out so sorry i cant be of much more help, maybe go and ask a pharmacist to give you some peace of mind before you doctors appointment? Hope you get it sorted hun xxx

    Smith I hope you get some answers soon and hope it’s a bfp🤞Xxx

    So I’m gunna put myself 2dpo and af due in 13 days, I’ve been feeling like a pulling/tightening but only lasts for a few seconds so don’t know what that’s about also have been bloated but putting that to me being back on a diet lol, not getting my hopes up at all just hope the tww goes quick and easy lol xxx 

  • Genebella I'm sorry I can't be of much help but as flowers has said it's not old blood. I know some people get ovulation bleeding but I think that's mixed with cm. Definitely go and get that checked out especially if it's not normal for you. Hope you get it sorted. XX

    Flowers hope your tww is kind to you and goes fast. FC for you 🤞🤞

    Just waiting for AF to show so I can get back to business. I have poor oh on a variety of supplements, I've even bought him a tablet caddy!! Poor guy!! Lol xx

  • Sas it’s good your oh takes tablets! When we first started my oh took tablets but then stopped, i always take seven seas folic acid with iron and vitamin D. But now we know we can concieve he doesn’t want to take tablets lol xxx

  • I did a test this morning and it was negative :( I think it would have been a faint line but now if it was going to be. I am going to try just not to think about it now!! X

  • Sorry Smith! You're not out until she shows. Xx

  • Hi sas, she showed up this afternoon :( hope you’re ok xx

  • Smith I'm sorry she showed up hunni sending you virtual hugs xxx

    Sas hope she stays away hunni and you just have a shy bean xxx

    Genabella hope you find out what is causing the bleeding hunni real soon xxx

    Hope everyone else is Ok xxx

  • Sorry Smith, it's awful when she turns up! I always treat myself to a nice glass of wine or some yummy food. Big hugs. XX

    Trying hope all is good with you and bean. Got my usual stretchy cm today I expect AF to be bang on time tomorrow. I'm already getting ready for the next cycle and at least I know I'm pretty regular. Xx

  • Smith sorry to hear af has turned up, least you are not in limbo now not knowing what’s going on! Fx for you next cycle xxx

    Hope everyone is ok xxx

    my right leg is aching today and it kind of goes to my hips, I also feel sick along with slightly sore boobs/nipples. So I’m not sure what’s doing on I think I’m only 3dpo so shouldn’t really be having symptoms now unless I ovulated earlier or I haven’t ovulated yet and it’s happening soon so we will see xxx

  • Hi all, CD7 today,  OV should be in 7 to 8 days time. This is the most relaxing period for me b4 the bding madness starts. 

    Sorry to hear AF got you Smith.  Has she arrived for you yet Sas? Flowers- do you have plans to BD again just in case you have not ovulated yet?

  • Thanks everyone, I’m looking at the positive that at least ny cycles are getting back to normal. Hope you're all ok xx

  • Hi all,

    Flowers hoping you get your bfp very soon, I'd DTD again if you can to cover yourself. X

    Giegie not long now for you to ovulate, that's gone quickly. Yep I agree I enjoy the time waiting to ovulate.. most relaxing time of the cycle!! Still no AF for me but I fully expect her to arrive today or tomorrow at the latest. Temp dropped this morning and I have my normal pre AF cm plus cramps just started. I've decided to put down the thermometer this cycle as I've ovulated on CD 13 for the last 4 cycles so can say I need to BD around that date. I enjoy temping but wanted to see how I feel on a month off. Xx

  • Yes going to try and get another bd in tonight to cover myself! Just so strange as last cycle was literally a perfect cycle ovulated then 2 weeks later af came just hope this cycle isn’t messed up but only time will tell xxx

    smith glad to see you being positive xxx

    giegie enjoy the relaxing time while you can lol xxx

    sas hope she turns up quick so you can get it over and get onto the next cycle xxx

  • She here ladies so I can definitely say I'm very regular. Onward and upward to next cycle!! X

  • On a positive note I've probably had the best cycle for pms symptoms than I've had in a loooonnnggg time so I'm happy about that. X

  • sas glad to see you so positive lovely! Fx for your next cycle xxx

  • Temping can add to TTC stress Sas, it makes sense to stop once you have determined that you ovulated most cycles. And your cycle is pretty regular. I envy your symptomless TWW,  hope I get the same and a BFP to boot😁.

    Thanks ladies,  definitely enjoying this period.

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