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I'm scared of the pain

I've just looked on my ticker and I've got 12 days before I have my induction. I've been having bad braxton hicks cramps for the past 3 or 4 nights in a row. Do you think that's a sign she might come early? I've also been worried that if the BH can be so painful what the hell am I gona do when I get the real thing??!!

Oh god, I'm so worried now...was on the phone to my mum and sister last night and they were making me panic as I haven't got anything ready yet. Got lo's bag packed but mine only has maternity towels, knickers and breast pads in!!!!!! I can't think straight there is so much I wanted to get done around the home too before lo comes, but I just haven't the energy to get it done especially with another 2 year old and oh is working all hours under the sun before he gets his paternity leave!!!!!!!!

What am I gona do????????????



  • Hi yummy mummy...I havn't really got much advice about the pain as I'm petrified too esp as I have been having strong painful contractions for 2 days now....

    Don't worry about getting too much done around the house, I got my place spotless 2 days ago when I thought I was in labour and now its trashed again thanks to 4 year old stepson and OH being home all weekend!!!
    I havn't packed much in my bag for myself, just a couple of nighties, knickers, pads and dressing gown and towel. OH can always bring the rest of stuff in once you have had baby.

    Hope you feel better soon and hope baby arrives soon for you.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • hi katie thanks - that same happens to me everytime i get the place nice and clean 2 mins later it's back to how it was. Thing is my mum is coming up to stay with us because we have moved away from friends and family and don't know many people here. So she will look after other lo. She's a clean freak and will probably look at the place and think I've done nothing in preparation for the baby!! It's just little things that have built up and I had a picture in my mind about how I wanted everything to be. Like oh working out how to used the dvd cam-corder i bought him for xmas before the baby comes so we can film her (you would think he couldn't wait to get his hands on a gaget and start playing with it, but it's been months and it's still in the bloody box!!) Also, the car seat is still boxed up - he hasn't a clue how to fit our daughter's seat now never mind an infant seat.

    I can just see a lot of panic and faffing about a couple of days before i go in. I wanted to be prepared and not have to worry about things.

  • Hi ~yummy_mummy~,

    Sorry to hear that you are stressed out and that you are scared of the pain.

    I am "only" 28 weeks pregnant and not scared about the pain at all, but I can easlily see myself freaking out about how unorganised everything is around the house and that we haven't got anything ready for baby.

    I think you should try to sit back an relax, winding yourself up is not going to make it any better. Perhaps you should just try and do one little job every day. I think that will be my plan, but most probably I will never get there as I only start my maternity leave 14 days before little one is due and if he/she comes early nothing will have been done at all, I might go straight from work to the hospital (which is much closer from work than from home anyway :P).

    And as for the pain, millions of women have done it before us and it obviously didn't put them off either, so it must be ok. And apart from that there are so many different drugs available now that if you feel you can't cope they will give you something.

    Chin up, in a couple of weeks you will be looking back with a smile on your face, wondering what you worried about.

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  • Ahh thanks Lana that's really sweet of you. I'll try and look on the positive side. You're right it won't be long before I have my lo in my arms and all the panic will be over!

    best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy - are you having a surprise? I wanted a surprise, but when we went for our 4D scan we saw her little face and just had to know there and then if it was a boy or girl!! xxxxxx

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  • Yes, once you hold your little one in your arms all the pain will be forgotten. image

    And yes, we are having a surprise, my oh didn't want to find out and I didn't really mind either way and I definately didn't think it was safe to find out and keep it to myself for 20 weeks!!!

    And I am so jealous of everybody having 4D scans, you can't get them around where we live. image

    So, have a nice cup of tea and relax and perhaps do one or two jobs around the house, if you feel like it. We haven't got anything fot the baby, yet and the house is a tip! But I sit here and smile and read other peoples' pregnancy stories, so it must be ok.

    Good luck. xxx

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  • hiya, in my experience i found the braxton hicks much worse. i didnt even realise i was in labour cos i was waiting for a similar kind of pain. its true what they say though you forget most of it. you'l be fine xxxxx
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